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USA Wrestling 2004-2005 Season in Review 
Mike Atlas
Wed Aug 11 2004, 09:21PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
The 2004-2005 USA Wrestling Season begins September 1, 2004. Be sure to secure your updated club and individual memberships online at [link].

The 2003-2004 Season marked much progress within the Massachusetts USA Wrestling Organization. The Gold Medal Wrestling Club out of Wellesley High School served as a central training center for much of our elite talent in Eastern, MA. Coaches Anibal and Alberto Nieves ran a Western, MA club to cater to the needs of our elite talent in Western, MA. Trips to the Northeast Regionals in both PA and NY, introduction of the IRONMAN series, and a return to Fargo, ND with a full Massachusetts Junior National Freestyle Team were all indicators of the positive direction in which we are headed. Rollie Peterkin earned a second Freestyle National Championship in Fargo, while many other individuals were exposed to the most competitive high school competition in the country at both the Regional and National level.

This Spring the MA USA Wrestling organization started our "Grass Routing Program." The Grass Routing Program has been introduced to assist with the introduction of new wrestling programs throughout the state. In the Spring of 2004, Massachusetts USA Wrestling presented a check to the Boston City Youth Wrestling League to assist with expenses incurred during their inaugural year. We will continue our relationship with the Boston City Youth Wrestling League in an effort to promote wrestling in the city. Our hope is that together we can serve as the catalyst for the eventual introduction of wrestling as a varsity sport in a majority of the 17 Boston City high schools.

USA Wrestling Coaches' Certification Program ran two Bronze level certification programs on the local level where over 20 coaches were certified. Our last Bronze Certification session will run on August 29th. Those interested should contact Aaron Polansky. Many of the elite wrestlers from the area and around the country contributed to the education of our young wrestlers and coaches at various clinics throughout the season. We extend our gratitude to the following clinicians and elite coaches for their altruistic contributions:

Anibal Nieves - Olympian, Former Head Coach, American International College
Berto Nieves - Pan American Games, Head Coach, STCC
Carl Adams - Head Coach, Boston University (see list of accolades at [link]
Jay Weiss - Head Coach, Harvard University
Jared Frayer - Assistant Coach, Harvard University, NCAA Finalist
Jesse Jantzen - NCAA Champion & Outstanding Wrestler, Harvard University
Mitch Clark - NCAA Champion, Assistant Coach, Ohio State University

Save the date and find a foursome. Our First Annual USA Wrestling Golf Tournament of Champions will be held June 6, 2005 at Hopkinton Country Club. Please contact Aaron Polansky for more information if you are interested in participating. The day will include lunch, golf, dinner and auction. Those interested in just dinner are certainly more than welcome to join us.

Any individual interested in becoming a part of the Massachusetts USA Wrestling organization should contact Aaron Polansky, State Director, via email at apolansky=[at] (remove formatting)

Aaron L. Polansky, Director
Massachusetts USA Wrestling
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