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[moved] More Wrestling on TV 
Thu Feb 17 2005, 01:35PM

Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 08:11AM
Posts: 1403
Real Pro Wrestling is coming to Network TV in March - It is a combination of Freestyle and Greco wrestling and has most of America's top wrestlers involved (and paid to wrestle). Finally we have a chance to watch and support our sport on Network TV. It will air on PAX TV Sunday afternoons at 4pm (est) - every Sunday from March 27 until May 15th. It is also on FSN (Fox Sports Network) every Wednesday at 3pm from March 30th until May 25th. Watch it, support it, and e-mail those TV web sites to tell them to do more matches. Sean Harrington from Dracut wrestles 163 lbs for the Shooters team! Check out the website at
Hill Billy
Thu Feb 17 2005, 01:49PM

Joined: Sun Dec 26 2004, 07:51AM
Posts: 839
Whoever is responsible for designing the team logos ought to be pistol whipped. The influence looks like a fusion of Marvel Comics and the Village People on steroids.
Charlie Whitman
Thu Feb 17 2005, 04:21PM
Registered Member #251
Joined: Thu Apr 01 2004, 09:18PM
Posts: 2
I think this is more appropriate here so that we will not lose it when the time comes to watch.
Fri Feb 18 2005, 01:47PM

Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 08:11AM
Posts: 1403
Thanks Charlie - Billy I'm surprised at you - If we're to get the "Appalachain Crowd" involved, Cartoon characters and coupons for KFC are a MUST (lure em in, then bang, bag of nickels over the head, their hooked).
Fri Feb 18 2005, 02:10PM

Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 08:11AM
Posts: 1403
Charlie how about moving the other post up - to support CSTV and the Fox Sports regional networks since they are the only ones who regularly show real wrestling (i have no connection to any of these outfits - just think it's good for our sport).
Hill Billy
Fri Feb 18 2005, 02:18PM

Joined: Sun Dec 26 2004, 07:51AM
Posts: 839
Another strategy would be to lure the urban sophisticate and put it on Bravo. The characters "Outlaw" and "Groove" could help real wrestlers with makeovers.
Fri Feb 18 2005, 03:17PM

Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 08:11AM
Posts: 1403
You got me on that one - belly laugh
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