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[announcement] New Boxscoring System Module! 
Mike Atlas
Sun Jan 02 2005, 11:29AM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Check out our new boxscoring system module I made for the site! Registered users can enter in information about recent boxscores and the site tracks them automatically! If there is any false or incorrect information, at the moment you'll have to ask an administrator to fix the issue. Any feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

Thu Jan 06 2005, 12:32PM
Registered Member #717
Joined: Mon Nov 22 2004, 08:10PM
Posts: 74
Mike, I can't submit th box score for the Haverhill v. Chelmsford meet cause Haverhill isn't the list of teams. Thanks
Thu Jan 06 2005, 07:08PM
Registered Member #137
Joined: Fri Mar 26 2004, 11:46AM
Posts: 88
Laxbeanie ..... down on the bottom of the page there is a field that says add new team if you cant find it on the list ill add the team for you but for future reference just scroll down and you should see it
Mike Atlas
Sun Jan 09 2005, 12:41PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
I've changed the system around a little at Coach Shvartsman's suggestion, which I think will benefit all. If details were entered, a link will show for the meet, otherwise there will be no link to details, so you don't need to be clicking hoping for details and finding none.

Also, I added a results freeform details box. You can enter in match results, comments about the meet on whatever you want here. It will turn on a "details" link if you decide to enter information here as well.

Haverhill has been added LaxBeanie, if you want to enter in the score now.
Sun Jan 09 2005, 12:50PM
Registered Member #137
Joined: Fri Mar 26 2004, 11:46AM
Posts: 88

do you think it would be worthwhile to add a feature that would allow the person who submitted a box score to go back and edit it after its been submitted (So that they could add details later) or delete duplicate scores ?
Mike Atlas
Sun Jan 09 2005, 01:07PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Yeah, that makes sense. I can probably accomplish that. I wanted to get the important part - up and running before I started working full time last week, and tweak the functionality afterwards when I have time.

It will be something like on the menu "edit my boxscores" link. Maybe I'll even do it today, it shouldn't take too much effort.

Eventually I'll add a way for the site admins/moderators to edit/delete any of the boxscores, but this functionality will take about as much work as it did to make whats running right now.

Considering the fact that we dont have volumes and volumes of submissions and hardly any that need auditing, coupled with the fact that I'm just about the only active moderator/admin for the most part as far as I know, I won't be adding this admin part anytime soon, since I can just audit the information directly in the database tables.

I think once we get enough results, I'll add to the boxscore listing page a way to filter out results for only one team, or one season.
[ Edited Sun Jan 09 2005, 01:15PM ]
Mon Jan 24 2005, 02:26PM
Registered Member #1176
Joined: Thu Jan 20 2005, 05:31PM
Posts: 5

Is their a way to fix someone else box score so you can get details or do you have to post a new one. please advise me what to do. I really think we all should do individual matches so all the wrestlers can get their proper rank.

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