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Weight Classes & Growth Allowances: 2018 Rule Proposals (Jan 10--Week 2) 
Wed Jan 10 2018, 09:36AM
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Joined: Tue Aug 22 2006, 09:45AM
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The following ideas are based on an attempt to increase action, increase & simplify scoring, increase participation, reduce forfeits and increase fan interest. Some are original, others borrowed (or modified from folks such as Wade Schalles), and some are concepts that have appeared on annual surveys or as forum suggestions or comments. Always look forward to feedback and suggestions. I will post each of the following 4 proposals over the next 4 weeks...

**Individual Match Scoring (Jan 2)
**Weight Classes & Growth Allowances (Jan 10)
**Team Scoring

Weight Classes--Reduce the number of weight classes from 14 to 11.
1. There remain far too many forfeits, and the ability of many schools to adequately fill 14 weights remains a struggle.
2. Dual meet tie-breaker criteria becomes 1 step in 99% of ties
3. Reduction of weight classes would invigorate JV level programs
4. The current 6-pound differences between weight classes encourages unhealthy weight loss. A slightly greater difference between classes would discourage this. Currently, someone around 132 knows that 126 becomes 128 with an allowance...and for 2-day events, what once was 126 is now 130.
5. The duration of tournaments would be reduced, a benefit to fans and teams.
6. A high-caliber dual (or tournament finals/medal round) would be reduced from around 2 hours to around 80 minutes.
7. Comparable weights to college (with an additional lower weight class)
8. Begin to reign in escalating costs of officials, particularly at tournaments

Proposed 11 weight classes: 108, 116, 124, 132, 140, 148, 158, 170, 188, 212 and 285 (if implementing matside weigh-ins, add 2 pounds to each class). Based on current 14 weight classes, the first 5 wts (106-132) become 4, the next 5 (138-171) become 4 and the final 4 (182-285) become 3.
Also, consider option of allowing teams in tournaments to enter a 2nd scoring wrestler in 1 weight class (so up to 12 scorers).

Growth Allowances
As originally intended, growth allowances are well suited for high school wrestlers who are still growing. However, the terminology and implementation has changed over the years, diminishing the effectiveness. The following re-establishes a true growth allowance.
1. Weight certification process that determines a minimum weight based on 7% for males and 12% for females must be based on establishing a minimum weight class that reflects scratch weight classes at the start of the season. Ex: Wrestler A has an initial certification that determines his body fat would permit him to wrestle at a minimum of 134 pounds. This should not permit him to wrestle in the 132 pound weight class even after the “growth allowances” are implemented and the weight class becomes 134. Growth allowances are intended to allow for growth--not intended to permit wrestling at a lower weight class during descent.
2 Due to varying start dates in each state, the following is an attempt to provide a consistent growth allowance schedule that covers the regular and post-season, with an additional pound every 3rd week. Dates are based on an approximation, but for January & February would be the Sunday that is nearest the dates shown of the month.
**Scratch weight classes from start of season until December 25 (ie 106)
**Two pound allowance on December 25 (ie 106 becomes 108)
**One additional pound on January 15 (ie 106 is now 109)
**One additional pound on February 10 (ie 106 is now 110)
Note: If maintaining current NFHS wording regarding “average weekly descent” (as opposed to monitored weekly descent), the rule requiring a minimum number of weigh-ins (ie 33%) at the lowest weight class during the season seeking post-season eligibility should be re-established.
Petro 135
Wed Jan 10 2018, 12:20PM
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Joined: Tue May 11 2004, 08:07PM
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Love these ideas.
Chicken Wing Coach
Wed Jan 10 2018, 07:51PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
Posts: 3903
Petro 135 wrote ...

Love these ideas.

Me too, especially #'s. 3,4,7 & the proposed 11 listed weight classes above. Thanks "dnowa"
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