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More on 2017-18 Rule Changes 
Wed Dec 06 2017, 11:46AM
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
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Description of Changes

Comments on Changes

A powerpoint clarifying the rules w/good graphics

Some comments, regarding the Out of bounds / nearfall change:
This does not change the definition of Out of Bounds, nor the criteria for an edge takedown... this simply changes when nearfall or fall can be awarded. HOWEVER, there has been clarification that indicates that feet/toes ARE NOT supporting points when wrestler's are "down on the mat"... so, if the defensive wrestler is on his back, completely out of bounds, and the top wrestler is chest to chest with a pinning combo (say half nelson), and the only thing he has on the mat are his feet, in bounds.... then they will be blown out of bounds. If that same situation occurs, but his knees are on the mat, in bounds, then wrestling continues.... so you'd better start teaching your kids bad pinning technique on the edge of the mat.

Also, just a reminder, when on his back, the defensive wrestler's pinning area are his only supporting point, his feet or hips (or head?) don't count.

lastly.. make sure any shorts you buy for the new uniform have no belt loops, pockets, or external lacing... shirts must have a long back (for tucking), short sleeve, and minimal logo per federation rule.

oh, and suitable undergarments... jock strap not adequate, and in most cases, boxer shorts not appropriate.

Wed Dec 06 2017, 03:54PM
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Joined: Tue Aug 22 2006, 09:45AM
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good clarification of the rule, and would encourage coaches to watch the powerpoint presentation. only thing I would add about the new uniform is that must be "school issued", so individuals should not be buying shorts that they think will be OK (not all of team has to be consistently dressed like relay racers in track), and watch out for that tricky rule about the manufacturer's logo (such as not appearing repeatedly around waistband)
Wed Dec 06 2017, 08:38PM
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Joined: Fri Nov 06 2009, 07:39PM
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What is the rational for requiring two knees down to be in bounds but two feet down are out of bounds? Why not just make it college out of bounds rules?
Thu Dec 07 2017, 08:38AM
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Joined: Thu Sep 22 2005, 08:11AM
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If you watch this power point scroll all the way through it. North Carolina hits their coaches with huge fines for not going to coaches/Rule clinics and CPR/AED cert. Up to $500 for each one.
Thu Dec 07 2017, 12:22PM
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
Posts: 596
Dex wrote ...

What is the rational for requiring two knees down to be in bounds but two feet down are out of bounds? Why not just make it college out of bounds rules?

I would love to know!!! Most referees that I've talked to do not like the interpretation, BUT the rules interpreters from all the New England states conferred, as well as communicated with national, as this is what was agreed upon. I would recommend that coaches communicate their concern to the "coaches rep".. (I'm not sure who that is, or what the official title is... maybe Manny Costa?) and have them contact NFHS.

Personally, i think it's a screw up. Rulebook says something to the effect of "when down on the mat, the usual supporting points are knees, hips, buttocks, etc..." but does not list feet. They are trying to be consistent with this... but I think feet, when bearing weight, should be supporting points even when down on the mat.

I can see if the feet are in, right at the circle, then this might allow too much wrestling far outside the circle... but if the knees are up, but "in the cylinder", wrestling should continue.

So, point is... don't shoot the messengers... the ref's have been instructed to call it this way, whether they like it or not!

One thing I will say... is that many high schools will need larger mats (or even larger gyms ) before we can go to the college rule.
Mon Dec 11 2017, 04:12PM
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Joined: Mon Nov 02 2015, 07:15AM
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I would still like it go to the college rule. It would be so much easier. If any part of either wrestler contacts off the mat (gym floor, wall or a coach/bench player/spectator) it is out of bounds. If both wrestlers are completely out of the circle it is out of bounds.

That is simple and easy. It will take some of the officials a bit of time to handle the new rules and it allows the proper calls to be made for smaller mats or smaller gyms.
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