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2017 New England Predictions 
Thu Feb 09 2017, 11:25AM

Joined: Sun Sep 10 2006, 12:00AM
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NE Predictions Here

Brackets: [link]
Wed Mar 01 2017, 01:40PM

Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 10:28PM
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brackets posted
Thu Mar 02 2017, 07:17AM
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Joined: Wed Dec 14 2016, 06:40AM
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Team Qualifiers:

Mt. Anthony VT– 13
Timberlane NH– 12
Cumberland RI- 9
Danbury CT – 8
Ponaganset RI – 6
Marshwood ME – 6
Essex VT - 5
Concord NH - 5

Looks like a 3 team race between Danbury, Timberlane and Mt. Anthony. Danbury is bringing in a bunch of heavy hitters. Look for them when it is all said and done.
Thu Mar 02 2017, 08:40AM
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Joined: Thu Jan 26 2017, 09:12AM
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MassOracle wrote ...

Team Qualifiers:

Mt. Anthony VT– 13
Timberlane NH– 12

I wonder how many they would have if Plaistow and Bennington were 10 miles farther south.
Fri Mar 03 2017, 11:32AM
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Joined: Thu Mar 03 2005, 04:32PM
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Based on the number of kids that they put on the podium in Lowell I still think they get 8 or 9 each.
Fri Mar 03 2017, 01:38PM
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nhwrstlfan wrote ...

Based on the number of kids that they put on the podium in Lowell I still think they get 8 or 9 each.

Danbury has to be the odds on favorite. They had 7 kids in the All State Finals with 6 Champions. That's not an easy feat and they have a much tougher path than any other state besides MA. I'll be shocked if Danbury doesn't bring it home to CT for the first time since 92' I think it is.
Fri Mar 03 2017, 02:21PM
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I think it will come down to placers and whether anyone crowns more than 1 champion. I would have Camacho favored at 120 and McGonagle at 126. I know Camacho lost to Wyman last year but he won Eastern States where he beat the NY #1 and 2. If Jack and Fields place top 4 with a Camacho win, I think that would do it. Long winded way of saying I agree that Danbury is probably the team to beat
Fri Mar 03 2017, 05:48PM
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Joined: Thu Dec 23 2004, 03:04PM
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The eagle tribune had a good article on the team race


The only thing not mentioned in this post is that the defending champ, Bishop Hendricks, brings 4 with three of them placing top 3 last year. Danbury will need to overcome the depth of Timberlane and MAU, but 6 CT all state champs is very impressive.
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