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2017 D3 North Predictions 
Thu Feb 09 2017, 11:22AM

Joined: Sun Sep 10 2006, 12:00AM
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D3N Predictions here
Thu Feb 09 2017, 07:43PM
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Joined: Thu Sep 07 2006, 09:05PM
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D3 NORTH FINALS Predictions

106: Adrian (Mel) vs. Forgitano (G-I)
113: Titus (Sau) vs. Forgitano (G-I)
120: Herbert (Mel) vs. Krason (G-I)
126: Vatousios (Dan) vs. MacIntosh (Mel)
132: Esteban (Tri) vs. Kreiter (Bed-MM)
138: Hopkins (M-S) vs. Butler (Tyng)
145: Leete (EsxTch) vs. Holland (Dan)
152: Ostrander (Tri) vs. Blythe (Dan)
160: Anderson (Dan) vs. Koshivas (G-I)
170: Holland (Dan) vs. Clark (Sau)
182: Boston (Pent) vs. Whelan (Mel)
195: DeFronzo (Mel) vs. Young (Pent)
220: Casey (Mel) vs. Falasca (Tri)
HVY: Jacques (M-S) vs. Denham (WKF)

And no- I am not from Georgetown or Ipswich!
Fri Feb 10 2017, 08:17AM
Registered Member #4288
Joined: Thu Sep 07 2006, 09:05PM
Posts: 530

Anyone from D3N (or anywhere else) care to offer a critique of my predictions?
I grew up in a house with 4 boys, I'm thick-skinned, I can handle it!
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