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Help a fellow wrestling family !! 
Sun Jul 05 2015, 10:35AM
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Joined: Sun Nov 17 2013, 04:58PM
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Please read and help the cause, even if you cannot donate personally to his family please spread the word and link that is provides below, anything helps and can make a difference.

Nimat Umarov - West Springfield, Ma Class of 2015.
4x Western Mass Place Winner
Western Mass Champion 14/15 @ 182lbs.
Division 1 Mass State Bronze Medalist 2x
All-Sate 4th Place 13/14 couldn't make it to 14/15
New England Qualifier
Dean Tech Night Hawk Gold Medalist 14/15 195lbs.
Skip Ardan Gold Medalist 14/15 182lbs.

Off the mat he was a son, grandson, brother, friend, teammate, and boyfriend. A student athlete and two year Captain of the Wrestling team. A leader and an established winner in all aspects of life. He has morals, respect, pride, confidence and though so strong never wanted to harm anyone.

Unfortunately he and his family, along with the city and it's sub communities within, have suffered a tragedy the other night Nimat and his brother were in a car accident, Nimat was thrown from the car and had passed on impact with the windshield, his brother also a young wrestler was in the car but not harmed that bad physically, his family along with being struck with the tragedy of their sons death has a lot of expenses they cannot afford alone, his friends and family has started a fundraiser to get donations for his family to pay for all the costs that come along with this all. Please try to help in any way you can by spreading the word and link or donating anything even $1 to the fundraiser anything counts of everyone does something little we can get the word out and they help they need, thank you for reading it is very much appreciated!


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