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Ohio Tournament of Champions - April 18 - Update 
Tue Mar 24 2015, 04:11PM
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For additional information, contact: Bart Freidenberg at -email-

March 24, 2015

Wrestlers from 23 states and Canada are already entered, as registration continues thru April 12, (April 13 for extended registration), for the 23rd Ohio Tournament of Champions, to be held at the Columbus Convention Center, in downtown Columbus, OH. Recently named one of the Top 4 youth wrestling tournaments to win in the United States, this year's TofC will take place on April 18, and returns to its normal location of Hall C/D.

The Ohio TofC consistently draws between 2500-3000 wrestlers per year and boasts a number of outstanding former participants. In fact, 27 of this year's NCAA All-Americans are former TofC place-winners (see list below).

To see if you qualify for this year's event, you can go to the Official Tournament Website ( and click on Qualifying Events. Ways to qualify are numerous and include:
*All High School Wrestlers
*All Open Division Wrestlers
*Any wrestler that has accumulated 10+ wins this season (includes pre/post season matches - but does not include rookie events)
*Placing top 8 at the 2013 or 2014 Ohio Tournament of Champions
The following exemptions apply to the past two seasons:
*Placing Top 6 at any National Level Event
*All OAC, OHWAY and Ohio Youth State Qualifiers
*All PJW State (and Area) Qualifiers
*All NJ Kids, MYWAY, NYWAY, New York Kids, MDWAY, MSWA, IKWF State Qualifers (or any other State Level Competition where a wrestler needs to qualify to participate)
*Top 6 at West Virginia Kids State
The following apply to the current season only:
*Top 4 at all other State, League Championships
*Top 3 (some events top 4) at any Ohio TofC Qualifying Event
*Champion of any non TofC Qualifier (does not apply to rookie division)

For additional tournament information, such as ages/weights, time schedule, hotel info, click on Tournament Information, on the main page.

The Open Division, which was added in 2009, is for wrestlers that have graduated high school. This Open Division requires no pre-qualification and has grown steadily, reaching close to 125 competitors last year.

As in the past, the TofC continues to offer group discounts, for teams of eight or more, when registering together, and also continues their FREE Spectator Admission policy and not requiring any Coaches Passes, to coach matside.

Also, the Ohio TOfC is proud to announce their first Special Guest for 2015: Logan Stieber, 4X NCAA Champion, from The Ohio State University. Stieber, who is a 6X Ohio TofC Champion, will be on hand to sign autographs at the event.

The following is a list of 2015 NCAA All-Americans, who were past Ohio TofC placers.

1999-3rd, 2000-1st, 2001-1st, 2002-1st, 2003-1st, 2004-1st, 2005-1st

ANTHONY ASHNAULT (141-8th-Rutgers): 2002-2nd, 2003-1st, 2007-1st
NATE BROWN (184-2nd-Lehigh): 2007-4th
MASON BECKMAN (133-6th-Lehigh): 2002-7th
CORY BREWER (133-1st-Oklahoma): 2002-2nd
DEVIN CARTER (141-3rd-Virginia Tech): 2000-2nd, 2004-1st, 2005-3rd, 2006-3rd
JORDAN CONAWAY (125-8th-Penn St.): 2005-6th, 2006-4th, 2007-2nd, 2008-1st, 2009-3rd
KENNY COURTS (184-5th-Ohio State): 2000-1st, 2002-1st, 2003-1st, 2004-1st, 2006-1st
GABE DEAN (184-1st-Cornell): 2008-1st
ZACH EPPERLY (174-7th-Virginia Tech): 2002-3rd, 2004-5th, 2007-7th, 2008-1st
JAMES GREEN (157-3rd-Nebraska): 2003-2nd
JIMMY GULIBON (133-5th-Penn State): 2006-1st, 2007-3rd, 2008-1st
DAVID HABAT (149-2nd-Edinboro): 2001-4th, 2003-1st
DEAN HEIL (141-4th-Oklahoma State): 2004-1st, 2005-1st, 2006-1st, 2007-1st
BO JORDAN (165-3rd-Ohio State): 2004-3rd
ISAAC JORDAN (165-7th-Wisconsin): 2001-5th, 2003-2nd, 2004-2nd, 2005-1st
MICHAEL MC MULLEN (285-3rd-Northwestern): 2001-4th
IAN MILLER (157-5th-Kent State): 2004-2nd
ZEKE MOISEY (125-2nd-West Virginia): 2009-1st, 2010-1st, 2014-1
JACKSON MORSE (165-4th-Illinois): 2004-1st, 2005-2nd, 2006-2nd
MITCHELL PORT (141-2nd-Edinboro): 2007-2nd
AJ SCHOPP (133-8th-Edinboro): 1999-4th, 2001-3rd, 2004-6th, 2007-3rd, 2008-1st
RYAN TAYLOR (133-7th-Wisconsin): 2003-7th, 2004-4th
BOBBY TELFORD (285-5th-Iowa): 2003-3rd
NATHAN TOMASELLO (125-1st-Ohio State): 2006-7th, 2007-4th, 2008-1st
JASON TSIRTSIS (149-3rd-Northwestern): 2005-2nd, 2007-1st
TAYLOR WALSH (165-2nd-Indiana): 2004-7th, 2005-2nd, 2008-3rd

KYLE DAKE (4X NCAA Champion-Cornell): 2002-4th, 2003-4th, 2004-6th, 2005-1st
DAVID TAYLOR (2X NCAA Champion-Penn State): 2003-1st, 2004-1st
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