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2015 Off-Season Schedule (Master List) 
Tue Mar 03 2015, 10:59AM
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Clubs info: [link]

*2013 Off-Season Schedule (Master List & Review) [link]
*2014 Off-Season Schedule (Master List & Review) [link]

USAW events: [link]
AAU events: [link]
MAWA events: [link]
USA CT events: [link]
STCC events: [link] &* [link]
USA RI events: [link]
BGS Brawls: [link]

Mar. 8 k-12 MA STCC Folk style Tournament
Mar. 14-15 MA Youth New Englands Reading,MA. [link]
Mar. 15, NH BGS Brawl Concord,NH [link]
Mar. 21 VT k-8 Schweitzer Memorial TD Tournament. Springfield,VT [link]
Mar. 21 VT k-8 Bennington Youth Northeast Wrestling Challenge. Bennington, Vermont [link]
Mar. 21 NH K-12 BGS Brawl Concord, NH [link]
Mar. 22 NH k-8 Rebel Classic, Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH [link]
Mar. 22 VT k-8 GIRLS ONLY, Springfield VT [link]
Mar. 27-28 k-12 USA Wrestling /A/page/show/1019486-regional-and-national-events-schedule
Mar. 28 9-12 NY Journeyman Northeast Challenge Clifton Park NY [link]
Mar. 28 k-12 NH BGS Concord, NH [link]

Apr 1-5 k-12 USAW/Cliff Keen Athletic Folkstyle National Championships [link] [link]
Apr. 3-4 NJ k-12 War At the Shore Folkstyle Nationals [link]
Apr. 4 ME k-8 Marshwoods New England Wrestling challenge Portland,ME
Apr. 4 k-12 NH BGS Concord, NH [link]
Apr. 11 MA k-12 STCC New England Women Freestyle Champions
Apr. 11 NH k-12 BGS Concord, NH [link]
Apr. 12 MA K-12 STCC Folk style Tournament (all ages)
Apr. 18 NH k-12 BGS Concord, NH [link]
Apr. 18 OH k-12 Ohio tournament of Champions [link]
Apr. 18 CT k-12 Bristol, CT Freestyle tournament [link]
Apr. 25 NY k-8 Minimen Nationals Schenectady NY [link]

May. 1-3 PA 3-12+ Northeast Regional Championships East Stroudsburg, PA
May. 3 MA 9-12 Prep vs Public dual [link]
May. 3 MA k-12 STCC Folk style Tournament
May. 7-9 9-12 ASICS UWW Junior National Championships/World Team trials [link]
May. 9 MA k-12 Ncube Clinic Salem,MA [link]
May. 9 CT k-12 Freestyle/Greco tournament Bristol, CT [link]
May. 9 NH k-12 BGS Concord, NH [link]
May. 13 MA Special Athletes Wrestling, Milford MA [link]
May. 15-18 9-12 Body Bar Girls National & World Team Trails Freestyle Irving Texas [link]
May 16-17 Pop N Flo National Duals - Lake Placid, N.Y. [link]
May 16 NH k-12 BGS Concord, NH [link]
May 16 CT Freestyle/Greco Tourn.- Danbury, CT. [link]
May 23 KT Kidz Freestyle Club Duals, Danbury, CT. [link]
May 30 CT Freestyle/Greco-Roman Tourn.- Danbury, CT [link]
May 30 MA 8-12 Backyard Brawls, Ashland, MA [link]

Jun. 6 MA k-12 Gene Mills Clinic, New England Gold, Franklin MA [link] -AND- * [link]
Jun. 7 MA k-12 & Open STCC/NIEVES Folkstyle Tournament [link]
Jun. 13 MA k-12+ Boston Open Tournament, Roxbury MA [link]
Jun. 13 CT k-8 Beast Battle Duals New Fairfield,CT
Jun. 13 CT k-12 New England FR/GR Championshipo Bristol, CT [link]
Jun. 13-14 MA k-12 All American Intense Camp, Springfield MA [link] &* [link]
Jun. 13-14 MA k-12 Bubba Jenkins Primed 4 Gold Camp, Brick Road Wrestling, Lakeville MA [link]
Jun. 20 ME k-12 Lynx Summer Tournament, Springvale, ME [link]
Jun. 21 MA k-12 STCC Freestyle & Greco MA State Championship
Girls & Boys (All Ages) [link] &* [link] "Weight Classes": [link]
Jun. 22 MA. Royce Alger's Iowa School of Wrestling Clinic @ Bay State W.C.- West Springfield [link]
Jun. 23-24 CT. Royce Alger Iowa Clinic @ Silverback W.C., Willimantic, CT. [link]
Jun. 23-25 CT. Royce Alger Iowa Clinic @ Beast Training W.C., Danbury, CT. [link]
Jun. 22-25 NH Windham Youth Wrestling Camp,Windham NH [link]
Jun. 27 N.Y. Chris Villalonga (Cornell Univ.) Clinic, Newburgh, NY [link]
Jun. 27 ME k-12 New England Wrestling Challenge, Springvale ME [link]
Jun. 27-30 RI Brown Wrestling Camp [link] [link]
Jun. 27-Jul 2. Disney Duals , Orlando Florida [link]
Jun. 28-30 N.Y. John Smith & OSU Camp @ Niskayuna H.S., N.Y. [link]
Jun. 30-2 WI 3-8 ASICS Kids Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Championships Wisconsin Dells, WI [link]

Jul. 5-10 MA Ken Chertow Camp, Boxborough MA [link]
Jul. 5-10 9-12 RI Todd Beckerman’s Intensive Prospect Wrestling Camp [link]
Jul. 6-8 NH Rock Solid Wrestilng Camp, Derry NH [link]
Jul. 8-9 R.I. NWCA Coaches Leadership Academy Clinic @ U.R.I. [link] and [link]
Jul. 6-10 MA MRWC Camp, Danvers MA [link]
Jul. 6-11 RI URI Northeast National Wrestling Festival [link] and [link]
Jul. 8-11 7-12 RI Wrestling Team Camp at Brown [link]
Jul. 10-11 RI URI Battle By The Beach [link]
Jul. 10 5-8 MA Bay State Games at UMass/Boston Junior Tournament-grades 5-8 [link]
Jul. 11 9-11 MA Bay State Games at UMass/Boston Scholastic Tournament-grades 9-11 [link]
Jul. 11 12+ Bay State Games at UMass/Boston Open Tournament grades 12-College-Open [link]
Jul. 11 7-12 RI Summer Wrestling Duals at Brown University [link]
Jul. 11 Pk-12+ ME Jammer Summer Classic , Camden ME [link]
Jul. 11-13 Ontario Canada Cup w/Nieves W.C. [link]
Jul. 12 MA k-12 & Open Div. STCC/NIEVES Folkstyle Tournament [link]
Jul. 12-15 VT. Mt. Anthony Union Wrestling School, Bennington, VT. Contact Coach Legacy: -email-
Jul. 13-16 1-7 RI Bear Cub Wrestling Day Camp at Brown University [link]
Jul. 13-17 MA Lexington Lions' Camp @Lex. Christian Academy (LCA) [link]
Jul. 16-19 MA Veritas Wrestling High School Team Competition Camp, Harvard/Cambridge MA [link]
Jul. 16-19 RI RWU Overnight Wrestling Camp [link]
Jul. 17-19 k-8 MA Cape Cod Duals, Hyannis MA, [link]
Jul. 18 MA. Boston Youth Wrestling FREE Clinic w/Archambeau & Sugermeyer - Dorchester, MA [link]
Jul. 18 RI k-12+ PCWC Folkstyle challenge #1,Providence RI [link]
Jul. 18-19 MA. Robert Hamlin & Ryan Malo Clinic @ Doughboy W.C., Lowell [link] Facebook: [link]
Jul. 18-19 k-8 NY Northeast Youth Duals Albany,NY [link]
Jul. 18-25 9-12 ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships Fargo, ND [link] & Mass. U.S.A. Team w/coach Anibal Nieves: [link]
Jul. 19 k-12+ UMaine Black Bear Wrestling Tournament Orno, ME [link]
Jul. 19 9-12 RI East Coast Clash Tournament,Roger Williams University [link]
Jul. 20-24 CT. Rob Waller & Barry Davis Wrestling Camp, Milford, CT. [link]
Jul. 24-26 NCAA Champs Camp w/Goldman, Tsirtsis, Tomasello @ Brick Road W.C.-Lakeville [link]
Jul. 25 MA. Boston Youth Wrestling FREE Clinic w/Shames, Layte & Borowsky - Dorchester, MA [link]
Jul. 25-26 N.Y. Northeast Varsity Duals Albany, NY [link] & [link]
Jul. 26-29 k-12 MA Springfield Wrestling School - 2015 Team Competition & Technique Camp [link] & [link]
Jul. 27-30 6-12 MA Olympian Kenny Monday Intensive Clinic @ Needham H.S. [link]
Jul. 31- Aug. 2nd, MA. Elite 24 Intensive Prospect Camp - Veritas/Harvard - Cambridge, MA. [link]
Jul. 31- Aug. 2nd, N.Y. 1000 Islands Duals, Clayton, N.Y. (M.S. Div. on Fri. Jul. 31st): [link]

Aug. 1 MA. Boston Youth Wrestling FREE Clinic w/Honecker & Borowsky - Dorchester, MA [link]
Aug. 1 RI k-12 Beat The Streets Providence Summer Slam Tournament [link]
Aug. 1-2 N.Y. 1000 Islands Duals, Clayton, N.Y. (H.S. Div. on Sat. & Sun.): [link]
Aug. 2 MA k-12 & Open Div. STCC/NIEVES Folkstyle Tournament [link]
Aug. 3-6 MA 8-14 Mat Rat Clinic, Catholic Memorial HS West Roxbury MA forum: [link] site: [link]
Aug. 8 RI k-12+ PCWC Folkstyle challenge Series #2,Providence RI [link]
Aug. 11-18 Sophia BULGARIA Wrestling Tour w/Nieves W.C.: [link]
Aug. 14-16 MA Habat + Avery Brother's 3 Day Intensive Camp, Ashland,MA [link]
Aug. 22 RI k-12+ PCWC Folkstyle challenge Series #3, Providence RI [link]
Aug. 24-28 MA Nik's Olympic School Summer Camp Wellesley, MA [link] forum: [link]
Aug. 29-31 MA. Nieves W.C. 3-Day All-American Camp w/Garland, Lausier & Hamel [link] & [link]

Sep. 20 MA k-12 & Open Div. STCC/NIEVES Folkstyle Tournament [link]
Sep. 26 NJ k-8 Buxton Back To School Duals Sparta, NJ [link]
Sep. 27 CT k-12+ Danbury Folk Style Tournaments , Danbury CT [link]

Oct. 3-4 NY Journeymen Fall "Classic & Over-Flo" Schenectady,NY [link]
Oct. 18 MA MWU Halloween Havoc Team Duals [link]
Oct. 18 MA k-12 & Open Div. STCC/NIEVES Folkstyle Tournament [link]
Oct. 18 CT k-12+ Danbury Folk Style Tournaments , Danbury CT [link]
Oct. 24 VT 7-12 Super32 Prep Tournament Bennington, VT [link]
Oct. 24-25 IA. 2015 Cliff Keen USAW Preseason Nationals - Cedar Falls, Iowa: [link]

Nov. 1 NC 5-12 Super 32 , Greensboro NC [link]
Nov. 15 CT k-12+ Danbury Folk Style Tournaments , Danbury CT [link]
Nov. 21 N.H. Wayne Martin's Annual Granby Clinic, Milford, N.H. [link]
Nov. 21 CT. k-12 The Fall Folkstyle Brawl Tourn., Bristol, CT. [link]
Nov. 29 MA. Wali Muhummad Clinic @ Bay State W.C. in W. Springfield, MA. [link]


Jan. 9 PA k-8 Tyrant Duals York PA [link]
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