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2014-15 MassWrestling Rankings as of 17-FEB-2015 
The Rankings Team
Tue Feb 17 2015, 04:25PM

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Be sure to include the full name of the wrestler, weight class, grade, team name, and the same goes for any opponents they may have beat. The only information we use is the information you post here or send to the rankings mailbox. You can either post here to this thread, or email rankings @

PLEASE don't
directly message or email Mike Atlas about the rankings, even if you see him posting about them! He does not work on the rankings.


2014-2015 Rankings


Dual Meet Team Rankings

1.St. John's Prep (D1N)
2.Springfield Central (D1W)
3.Arlington (D2M)
4.Somerset Berkley (D3S)
5.Wayland (D3C)
6.North Attleboro (D2S)
7.Natick (D2M)
8.Winchester (D2M)
9.Methuen (D1N)
10.Lowell (D1N)
11.Chelmsford (D1N)
12.Framingham (D1C)
13.Westford Academy (D1N)
14.Shawsheen Tech (D1N)
15.North Andover (D2N)
16.Plymouth South (D1S)
17.Hingham (D2S)
18.Catholic Memorial (D2M)
19.Norton (D3S)
20.Nashoba (D2C)
21.Lincoln Sudbury (D1C)
22.Lynnfield North Reading (D3N)
23.Lawrence (D1N)
24.Haverhill (D1N)
25.Billerica (D1N)

====== Individual Rankings ======

Top 5 Wrestlers, Pound For Pound =====

1. Jonathan Viruet Springfield Central (D1W) (G12)
2. Ian Butterbrodt St John's Prep (D1N) (G12)
3. Eric Reyes Dedham (D3C) (G11)
4. Mike Aquino Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
5. Fritz Hoehn N. Andover (D2N) (G12)

Top Wrestlers, Per Class =====

Freshman:Josh Bechen Catholic Memorial (D2M)
Sophomore: Matt Kelley Foxboro (D3S)
Junior: Eric Reyes Dedham (D3C)
Senior: Jonathan Viruet Springfield Central (D1W)

106 ======
1.Kevin Morris Tyngsboro (D3N) (G11)
2.Joey Sanchez Central Catholic (D2N) (G9)
3.Jake Ferri Shawsheen Tech (D1N) (G10)
4.Mitch Raposa Durfee (D1S) (G10)
5.Cody Costa New Bedford (D1S) (G11)
6.Brett Wordell South Eastern (D2S) (G12)
7.Cole Wyman Brockton (D1S) (G9)
8.Ricky Pulido Lowell (D1N)(G12)
9.Andy Richard Lincoln-Sudbury (D1C) (G10)
10.Keith Gordon Springfield Central (D1W) (G10)

Honorable Mention-
Bryson McEachin Winchester (D2M) (G11)
Conor Thompson Quabbin (D3C) (G9)
Paul Jameson Holliston (D3C) (G12)
Jon Arroyo Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)
Matt Pickett Arlington (D2M) (G10)

113 ======
1.Mike Aquino Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
2.Chris DeRosa Billerica (D1N) (G10)
3.Matthew Garcia Springfield Central (D1W) (G10)
4.Tom Kearney Arlington (D2M) (G12)
5.Bradley Sowsy Lexington (D1C) (G12)
6.Brett Rezendes Bridgewater Raynham (D1S) (G10)
7.Carter Lewis Duxbury (D2S) (G10)
8.Colby Holland Danvers (D3N) (G9)
9.Casey Abshire Lowell (D1N) (G12)
10.Jack Perry N. Andover (D2N) (G10)

Honorable Mention-
Tyler Tedford Shawsheen Tech (D1N) (G12)
Nick Narducci Franklin (D1C) (G11)
Devon Spratt N. Attleboro (D2S) (G11)

120 =======
1.Matt Kelley Foxboro (D3S) (G10)
2.Ryan Stanton Melrose (D3N) (G12)
3.Greg Zaw Sandwich (D3S) (G12)
4.Nick Camacho Woburn (D2M) (G11)
5.Josh Lee Burlington (D2N) (G9)
6.Mike Coppola Franklin (D1C) (G12)
7.Jack Kiely Central Catholic (D2N) (G12)
8.Billy Wehring Methuen (D1N) (G11)
9.James Paull Pathfinder (D3W) (G10)
10.Connor Clasen Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)

126 =======
1.Andrew Ellis Arlington (D2M) (G12)
2.Brett Layton Stoughton (D2S) (G11)
3.Dan Pisani Franklin (D1C) (G12)
4.Kevin Thomas Natick (D2M) (G11)
5.Rob McDonald Scituate (D3S) (G12)
6.Griffin Murray Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)
7.Michael Dik St. Johns Prep (D1N) (G12)
8.Bryce Spinosa Shawsheen Tech (D1N) (G12)
9.Max Whyman Lynnfield North Reading (D3N) (G12)
10.Fox Maxwell Wilmington (D3N) (G11)

132 ======
1.Jon Ryan Dracut (D2N) (G12)
2.Josh Wesolowski Pentucket (D3N) (G12)
3.Russell Feye Lincoln Sudbury (D1C) (G12)
4.Enderson Naar Winchester (D2M) (G12)
5.Austin Roche Algonquin (D2C) (G11)
6.James Kilgo Nashoba (D2C) (G11)
7.Tommy McDonough Westford (D1N) (G12)
8.Bradley Lupiani Mt. Everett (D3W) (G12)
9.Mike Gould North Attleboro (D2S) (G11)
10.Zach Woods Framingham (D1C) (G12)

Honorable Mention-
Keith Martin Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G11)
Blacker Romero Durfee (D1S) (G11)
Nate Pacheco Somerset-Berkley (D3S) (G11)
Drew Guadagno Plymouth South (D1S) G12)

138 ======
1.Brendan Weir Hampshire (D3W) (G12)
2.Garrett Ludwig Winchester (D2M) (G12)
3.Chris Behen Danvers (D3N) (G12)
4.Ryan Monteiro Minnechaug (D1W) (G10)
5.Hunter Costa St John's Prep (D1N) (G11)
6.Julio Escotto Lowell (D1N) (G12)
7.Orlando Rojas Haverhill (D1N) (G12)
8.Travis Hilchey Mt Greylock (D3W) (G12)
9.Brian Kelley Foxboro (D3S)(G10)
10.Lucas Cordio Nashoba (D2C) (G9)

Honorable Mention-
Austin Cooley Somerset-Berkley (D3S) (G9)
Steven Vercellone Pembroke (D2S) (G12)
Jake Durkin Triton (D3N) (G12)
Eric Rodriquez Springfield Central (D1W) (G11)

145 ======
1.Ronan Ball Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G11)
2.Reece Millington Haverhill (D1N) (G11)
3.Brandon DesFosses Central Catholic (D2N) (G11)
4.Pat Ferzoco Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
5.Anthony Basile Agawam (D1W) (G12)
6.Matt Landry Sandwich (D3S) (G11)
7.Declan Heaslip Dedham (D3C) (G12)
8.Rob Dicalogero Canton (D3C) (G12)
9.Josh Merrifield Shawsheen Tech (D1N) (G12)
10.Xavier Boisvert Whittier Tech (D2N) (G12)

152 ======
1.Jake Stetson Framingham (D1C) (G12)
2.Luke Boyle Triton (D3N) (G12)
3.Constantine Galanis Georgetown/Ipswich (D3N) (G12)
4.Davey Goodall Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)
5.Jordan Darby Winchester (D2M) (G12)
6.Lukas Stavropoulous Arlington (D2M) (G12)
7.Adam Morton Reading (D2N) (G12)
8.Quintin Holland Danvers (D3N) (G10)
9.Liam Grenham Lowell (D1N) (G10)
10.Steven McDermott BC High (D1S) (G12)

160 ======
1.Jonathan Viruet Springfield Central (D1W) (G12)
2.Eric Reyes Dedham (D3C) (G11)
3.Anthony Fraumeni Winchester (D2M) (G11)
4.Ryan Harty Plymouth South (D1S) (G12)
5.Justin Freyermuth Plymouth North (D2S) (G12)
6.Rafael Medina Lawrence (D1N) (G12)
7.Adam Peternell Westford Academy(D1N)(G12)
8.Brandon Sao Lowell (D1N) (G12)
9.Donovan Nolan Central Catholic (D2N) (G11)
10.Brandon Weyant Hampshire (D3W) (G11)

Honorable Mention-
Justin Perez Dean Tech (D3W) (G12)

170 ======
1.Fritz Hoehn North Andover (D2N) (G12)
2.Jastice Bolden Springfield Central (D1W) (G12)
3.Josh Bechen Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G9)
4.Nick Tesler Natick (D2M) (G12)
5.Darius Franklin Methuen (D1N) (G10)
6.Kyle Mcquaide Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)
7.JJ O'Donnell Norwood (D2M) (G12)
8.Dylan Carreiro Bridgewater Raynham (D1S) (G12)
9.Nick Blais Agawam (D1W) (G12)
10.Elliott Johnson Norton (D3S) (G12)

Honorable Mention-
David Wrin Algonquin (D2C) (G12)
Alex Mitchell Milford (D2C) (G11)

182 ======
1.Matt Froio Cohasset (D3S) (G12)
2.Nimat Umarov West Springfield (D1W) (G12)
3.Connor Humphries East Longmeadow (D1W) (G12)
4.Malik Settles Lowell (D1N) (G11)
5.Henry Oberlander Xaverian (D1S) (G12)
6.Ian Steckel Malden Catholic (D2M) (G12)
7.Stephen Cincotta North Andover (D2N) (G12)
8.Nick Koury Springfield Central (D1W) G12)
9.Benton Whitley Minnechaug (D1W) (G10)
10.Shawn Ahern Malden (D1C) (G12)

Honorable Mention-
Joe Giralamo Stoughton (D2S) (G12)

195 ======
1.William Fuller Bridgewater Raynham (D1S) (G12)
2.Jered Escribano Springfield Central (D1W) (G12)
3.Dan Wensley Wakefield (D3N) (G12)
4.Jake O'Brien Framingham (D1C) (G12)
5.Brendan Benoit Pembroke (D2S) (G12)
6.Thomas Nocka Wellesley (D2M) (G12)
7.Fred Karl-Morin Agawam (D1W) (G12)
8.Broc Dokos Tewksbury (D2N) (G11)
9.Luc Chretien Haverhill (D1N) (G11)
10.Noah Bucher Scituate (D3S) (G11)

Honorable Mention-
Joe Smith Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
Jacob Bastarache Natick (D2M) (G11)

220 ======
1.Ian Butterbrodt St John's Prep (D1N) (G12)
2.Kenny Kern Xaverian (D1S) (G12)
3.Nolan Hodgins Granby (D3W) (G11)
4.Brandon Williams Framingham (D1C) (G12)
5.Nick Rose Arlington (D2M) (G12)
6.Alex Kane Wakefield (D3N) (G12)
7.Brad Basham Burlington (D2N) (G10)
8.Ryan Pinkham Springfield Central (D1W) (G10)
9.Jim Karl-Morin Agawam (D1W) (G12)
10.Mike Alberghini Plymouth North (D2S) (G12)

Honorable Mention-
Huessein Kanaan Natick (D2M) (G12)
Jack Pamir Lincoln Sudbury (D1C) (G12)
Conrad Lavoie Hopkinton (D2C) (G12)

285 =======
1.Owen Murray Barnstable (D1S) (G12)
2.Austin Shrewsbury Westfield (D1W) (G12)
3.Nick Day Northampton (D1W) (G12)
4.Phillip Fernandez Dean Tech (D3W) (G12)
5.Josh Sokol Hopkinton (D2C) (G11)
6.Ritchie Stamos Nashoba (D2C) (G12)
7.Matt Ferraro Reading (D2N) (G12)
8.Dillon Higgins Billerica (D1N) (G12)
9.Jay Carneval St. John's Prep (D1N) (G11)
10.Andrew Salazar Milford (D2C) (G12)

Honorable Mention-
Bryan Nguyen Stoughton (D2S) (G12)
Nick Hope Agawam (D1W) (G12)
Dakota Dubois West Springfield (D1W) (G12)
Ryan Cove Chelmsford (D1N) (G11)

Thu Feb 19 2015, 06:57AM
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So, Brockton wins the D1S Sections and beat Plymouth South head to head this year and they are still not ranked?
Thu Feb 19 2015, 08:21AM
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they dont do rankings in the post season usually until after New Englands
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