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2014-15 Division 2 Rankings 10-FEB-2015 
Tue Feb 10 2015, 08:15PM
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1. Winchester - Metro
2. Arlington - Metro
3. North Attleboro - South
4. Natick - Metro
5. North Andover - North

106 ======

1. Joey Sanchez Central Catholic (D2N) (G9)
2. Brett Wordell South Eastern (D2S) (G12)
3. Matt Pickett Arlington (D2M) (G10)
4. Wes Ward Hingham (D2S) (G12)
5. Bryson McEachin Winchester (D2M) (G11)
6. Trevor Morton Reading (D2N) (G9)

Josh Gomes King Phillip (D2C) (G11)
Cory Reid Whitman-Hanson (D2S) (G11)

113 ======

1. Mike Aquino Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
2. Tom Kearney Arlington (D2M) (G12)
3. Jack Perry N. Andover (D2N) (G10)
4. Carter Lewis Duxbury (D2S) (G10)
5. Devin Spratt North Attleboro (D2S) (G12)
6. Drew Cozzolino Algonquin (D2C) (G10)

Zach Lakmany Dracut (D2N) (G10)
Kevin Nigro Burlington (D2N) (G11)

120 =======

1. Nick Camacho Woburn (D2M) (G11)
2. Peter Taylor N. Andover (D2N) (G12)
3. Jack Kiely Central Catholic (D2N) (G12)
4. Brandon Tran Dighton Rehoboth (D2S) (G12)
5. Josh Lee Burlington (D2N) (G11)
6. Alex McNulty Concord Carlisle (D2C) (G12)

Sam Lincoln Hingham (D2S) (G12)
Nick Yaffe Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G11)

126 =======

1. Andrew Ellis Arlington (D2M) (G12)
2. Brett Layton Stoughton (D2S) (G11)
3. Kevin Thomas Natick (D2M) (G11)
4. Tom Pagliarulo Central Catholic (D2N) (G11)
5. Joe Lindsay Hingham (D2S) (G12)
6. John Mcburnie Pembroke (D2S) (G12)

Dan Lei Boston Latin (D2M) (G12)

132 ======

1. Jon Ryan Dracut (D2N) (G12)
2. Enderson Naar Winchester (D2M) (G12)
3. Keith Martin Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
4. James Kilgo Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G11)
5. Mike Gould North Attleboro (D2S) (G12)
6. Austin Roche Aigonquin (D2C) (G11)

Devlin Carroll Stoughton (D2S) (G11)
Jeremy Su Natick (D2M) (G10)

138 ======

1. Garrett Ludwig Winchester (D2M) (G12)
2. Steven Vercellone Pembroke (D2S) (G12)
3. Jared Garcia Marshfield (D2S) (G12)
4. Brandon Layton Stoughton (D2S) (G11)
5. Lucas Cordio Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G9)
6. Lukas Kaminski Hopkinton (D2C) (G11)

Cal Watson Arlington (D2M) (G12)
Mike Langan Natick (D2M) (G12)

145 ======

1. Ronan Ball Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G11)
2. Brandon DesFosses Central Catholic (D2N) (G11)
3. Pat Ferzoco Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G12)
4. Xavier Boisvert Whittier (D2N) (G12)
5. Dan Haverty Woburn (D2M) (G10)
6. Kevin McGee Winchester (D2M) (G12)

Joey Ryan Hingham (D2S) (G12)
Michael Francis-Litto Boston Latin (D2M) (G10)

152 ======

1. Jordan Darby Winchester (D2M) (G12)
2. Lukas Stavropoulous Arlington (D2M) (G12)
3. Adam Morton Reading (D2N) (G12)
4. Shane McGrath Sharon (D2S) (G12)
5. Brandon Cohen Stoughton (D2S) (G12)
6. Colin Fiske North Attleboro (D2S) (G11)

Dennis Begley Monty Tech (D2C) (G12)
Nick Piccioli Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G12)

160 ======

1. Anthony Fraumeni Winchester (D2M) (G11)
2. Justin Freyermuth Plymouth North (D2S) (G12)
3. Ryan Tibbetts Southeastern (D2S) (G12)
4. Donovan Nolan Central Catholic (D2N) (G11)
5. Jake Kallio Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G12)
6. Mike McDonough Norwood (D2M) (G12)

Matt Gastaldo Natick (D2M) (G10)
Nate Morrell Algonquin (D2C) (G12)

170 ======

1. Fritz Hoehn North Andover (D2N) (G12)
2. Nick Tesler Natick (D2M) (G12)
3. Josh Bechen Catholic Memorial (D2M) (G9)
4. David Wrin Algonquin (D2C) (G12)
5. JJ O’Donnell Norwood (D2M) (G12)
6. Matt Knights Marshfield (D2S) (G11)

Bobby Dee Plymouth North (D2S) (G12)
James Brescia Marlboro (D2C) (G12)

182 ======

1. Ian Steckel Malden Catholic (D2M) (G12)
2. Stephen Cincotta North Andover (D2N) (G12)
3. Nick Morrison North Attleboro (D2S) (G12)
4. Mickey Phillips Marlboro (D2C) (G12)
5. Joe Girolamo Stoughton (D2S) (G11)
6. Brian Long Wellesley (D2M) (G11)

Stewart Bleck Algonquin (D2C) (G11)
Brian Heffernan Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G12)

195 ======

1. Brendan Benoit Pembroke (D2S) (G12)
2. Thomas Nocka Wellesley (D2M) (G12)
3. Broc Dokos Tewksbury (D2N) (G11)
4. Jacob Bastarache Natick (D2M) (G11)
5. Thomas Girouard North Attleboro (D2S) (G12)
6. Sebastian Philemon Boston Latin (D2M) (G12)

Garrett McSweeney Whitman Hanson (D2S) (G12)
Nic Johnson Milford (D2C) (G12)

220 ======

1. Brad Basham Burlington (D2N) (G10)
2. Nick Rose Arlington (D2M) (G12)
3. Dan Meaney Woburn (D2M) (G12)
4. Mike Alberghini Plymouth North (D2S) (G12)
5. Jake Kennedy Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G11)
6. Hussein Kannan Natick (D2M) (G12)

Conrad Lavoie Hopkinton (D2C) (G12)
John O’Brien Reading (D2N) (G11)

285 =======

1. Matthew Ferraro Reading (D2N) (G12)
2. Andrew Salazar Milford (D2C) (G12)
3. Bryan Nguyen Stoughton (D2S) (G12)
4. Josh Sokol Hopkinton (D2C) (G11)
5. Ritchie Stamos Nashoba Regional (D2C) (G12)
6. Brennan Sankey North Attleboro (D2S) (G11)

Matt Boyle Duxbury (D2S) (G12)
Dave Pettingeli Silver Lake (D2S) (G12)
Wed Feb 11 2015, 05:51PM
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182 Conor Durwood Shepherd Hill G10 is 1-1 versus Phillips Marlboro. Only other losses are to a Ct wrestler with paper.
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