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Sat Feb 07 2015, 07:04PM
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D3- Somerset Berkley wins Team tournament. Defeating Norton in Semi finals 61-18 and then defeated Wayland 44-24 in finals match.
Sat Feb 07 2015, 07:10PM
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wow big differnce then a week ago
Sat Feb 07 2015, 07:15PM
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Andy Perry wrote ...

D2 results:
1) Arlington
2) Natick
3) North Andover
4) Catholic Memorial

Congratulations to Arlington. They have a very good team with great wrestlers at almost every weight class. Can't help but wonder how they would have done had Winchester wrestled all their starters.
They must've faced each other as they are both in the Middlesex League, anyone know the result of that?
Sat Feb 07 2015, 07:47PM
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Winchester won
Sat Feb 07 2015, 10:08PM
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Winchester beat Arlington early in the season. Arlington beat winchester in middlesex league tourney last week. It would have been a great match, if they ended up seeing each other...
Sun Feb 08 2015, 07:43AM
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Did Track Wrestling just cover D1 duals but not D2 or D3?
Sun Feb 08 2015, 07:45AM
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Joined: Mon Feb 04 2008, 08:53AM
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nb135 wrote ...

wow big differnce then a week ago

Norton was like the walking dead. Tons of injuries and most matches were wrestled with JV's. The Wayland match was terrible. With Vespa out Wayland could not bump around and it cost them huge. Wayland kids for the most part were fleeing the mat and turtling up in order to not get pinned. The 195 kid got called for at least 3 stall points before he got pinned. The 145 match was great until the SB kid lost a point for stalling while going for a takedown. The SB parents were loud and screaming at the ref and overall the wrestling match and atmosphere was not great. SB kids were clearly better at 113,132,138,152,160,195,220, and 285. Wayland pinned at 170 and 182 and 106 in impressive fashion.
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