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20 dates/split squads 
Wed Oct 01 2014, 06:01AM
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Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
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Yesterday was fall MIAA wrestling committee meeting.

I brought up 20 date rule for discussion. In May meeting the liaison to committee stated that teams could only wrestle one meet on a calendar date.

Wrestling is allotted 20 dates to be used throughout the season. With the amount of weeks in a season teams can only use 17/18 of the dates. In past teams have been allowed to use the remaining dates to send a second squad to another meet. In May we were told this practice was not allowed.

I brought the discussion up again yesterday.

The decision was over turned!!!

Teams will be allowed to send a unit to one meet & other guys to a second location on the same calendar date. BUT they are charged a second date of their 20 on that day.

This does not violate the 2 days in a week rule. The team is still only wrestling on 2 days during that week (Safety issue to the individual wrestlers) the wrestlers themselves will still only be wrestling on two days during the week. But be charged two dates....

ALSO individual tournaments. Teams are & have always been allowed to enter a scoring & a non-scoring wrestler into the tournament. So schools hosting regular season tournaments are allowed to have teams bring multiple wrestlers from participating teams.

I hope this clears up the matter & puts it to rest. I'm sure there will still be discussion on the subject. This has been the interpretation for many years & it has returned.

Thank you.
Wed Oct 01 2014, 07:23AM
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Joined: Wed Dec 23 2009, 09:02AM
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This is a great decision for our wrestlers. Competition is the best way for them to improve. We need to work to find/create more opportunities for them, not fewer.
Wed Oct 01 2014, 07:24AM
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Joined: Mon Jun 06 2011, 03:47PM
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Just to clarify, if a team enters 28 wrestlers into a tournament (14 scoring and a 14 non-scoring "B team"), then the tournament will count as one or two days of competition?
Wed Oct 01 2014, 07:59AM
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Joined: Sun Aug 26 2007, 11:58AM
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Wow the MIAA got it right this time. The best way for our kids to get better is by getting good competition.
Wed Oct 01 2014, 01:27PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 639
Individual tournament w scoring & non scoring wrestlers is one of the 20 dates.

If on Saturday some wrestlers go to Eastern States & some Woburn Tournament, 2 different venues 2 of teams 20 dates

Hope this helps clear it up

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