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Please Help Paralyzed Tri County Wrestler 
Thu Aug 28 2014, 06:44PM
Registered Member #2315
Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
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Ritchie's family and friends are uniting to raise money to help Ritchie on his road to recovery from a car accident in July 2014.

Ritchie is a 16-year-old student-athlete at Tri-County RVTHS who is best known for his big heart on and off the wrestling mat. Ritchie's accomplishments as a wrestler are extensive and include: Sectional Champion, State Vocational Champion, a D3 State Finalist, and Mayflower League MVP/All-Star. In July 2014, Ritchie sustained serious injuries in a car accident. Ritchie is currently in the critical care unit at Shepherd Spinal Cord Rehab Center in Atlanta. Thus far, Ritchie has undergone two surgeries, but the full extent of his injuries are unclear at this time. Ritchie will need extensive physical therapy over the course of many months to aid in his recovery. Please consider donating to help alleviate medical costs for Ritchie's inpatient and outpatient care. Those who know Ritchie understand how truly special and determined he is; let's give him all the help he deserves.

Mike Atlas
Mon Sep 01 2014, 12:15PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
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Sat Sep 06 2014, 06:43PM
Registered Member #2315
Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
Posts: 725
Fri Oct 10 2014, 09:58AM
Registered Member #2315
Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
Posts: 725
New “Must Read” book from Carl Adams Think It, Believe It, Do It

Win. Prosper. Succeed. For Carl Adams, these aren’t just words. He’s lived them. From an undefeated high school dual meet record to two NCAA individual titles at Iowa State, two National Freestyle titles and a 41-year run as a collegiate coach, Carl’s name rings out in wrestling circles as one of the most accomplished the sport has ever seen. But Carl was more than just an athlete or coach. From a young age, he found numerous ways to blaze trails in the sport as an inventor, entrepreneur, author and instructor.

In Think it. Believe it. Do it., Carl’s inspiring success stories form a picture of a man who found his passion and turned it into a career very few in any sport have achieved. His time-tested blueprint is laid out clearly and purposefully for anyone looking to come out on top, whether in sports, business or the next task at hand. Carl will inspire you to find your potential and beat the odds. After all, he’s lived it.

Carl has generously offered to donate $4.00 from every book sale in New England from now to October 20 to the Ritchie Elgar Recovery Fund.

For more information or to pre-order the book go to [link]
Chicken Wing Coach
Thu Oct 16 2014, 12:04PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
Posts: 3903
I believe that the best way to get people (in the Mass. Wrestling Community) to donate & "Give Forward" to this worthy campaign is to Lead by Example & create a contagion to follow.

Please consider Ritchie Elgar's Recovery fund: [link]
Thu Jan 29 2015, 09:08AM
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Joined: Mon Jan 16 2006, 10:06AM
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What is the story for Tee-Shirt Sales for Sectionals? Cant remember if we can sell or the State has taken that, also. Thanks for your help. Ray
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