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2014 Offseason schedule (Master List) 
Tue Mar 04 2014, 04:15PM
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Joined: Tue Feb 16 2010, 12:35PM
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Here is a list of off-season events for all ages that have been posted so far. Please let me know any corrections, additions,links to flyers or age limits. Based on the number of events last year, this list should grow significantly.

Clubs info: [link]

USAW events: [link]
AAU events: [link]
MAWA events: [link]
USA CT events: [link]
STCC events: [link]
BGS Brawl events: held at Broken Ground School ,51 S. Curtisville Rd. Concord NH 03301. Weigh-ins 8-9am wrestle at 10:00am.
Other events around the country: [link]

Mar. 7-8 - RI 9-12 HS New Englands. Providence Career and Technical Center in Providence, RI. [link]
Mar. 8 - MA k-8 Springfield Youth Wrestling Tournament, Springfield, MA - [link]
Mar. 9 - MA k-12+ STCC 2014 Folkstyle – Youth - H.S. - Open Div.
Mar. 15 NH BGS Brawl
Mar. 15-16 MA 3-8 Youth New Englands North Andover [link]
Mar. 22 NH BGS Brawl
Mar. 22 VT K-12 Bennington Youth Northeast Wrestling Challenge Bennington,VT [link]
Mar. 22-23 CT k-12 MAWA East District. Windham High School, Willimantic, CT [link] thread: [link]
Mar. 23 NH K-8 Derry Rebel Tournament, Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH [link]
Mar. 23 RI k-8 Coventry RI - [link]
Mar. 28-30 VA 5-12 NHSCA Nationals, Virginia Beach, Virginia [link]
Mar. 29 NH BGS Brawl.
Mar. 30 NH k-12 MAWA North District Londonderry NH [link] thread: [link]

Apr. 4-6 IA k-12 USAW/Cliff Keen Folkstyle Nationals - Cedar Falls,IA [link]
Apr. 4-6 PA k-12 flonationals , Indiana University, White PA [link]
Apr. 5 ME k-8 k-8 Marshoods, Portland,ME
Apr. 5 CT k-12 Rutgers, Brown & MAU - Technique and Coaches Clinic: [link] and [link]
Apr. 5 NH BGS Brawl.
Apr. 5 NY - Gene Mills Eastern Nationals,, Syracuse NY [link]
Apr. 5-6 PA k-12 MAWA North Regionals Coal Township, PA [link]
Apr. 6 MA 9-12 The New England Monster Duals Foxborough,MA [link]
Apr. 10-13 MO k-12 Brute Nationals - Independence, MO, [link]
Apr. 12 MA NEW ENGLAND COACHES Clinic [link]
Apr. 12 NH BGS Brawl.
Apr. 12 CT k-12 Danbury FREESTYLE WRESTLING TOURNAMENT. Danubry CT [link]
Apr. 12-13 NY k-12 Empire Nationals [link]
Apr. 12-13 PA k-12 MAWA East Regionals, Bethlehem, PA [link]
Apr. 13 MA 9-12 Prep-Public Braggin' Rights Dual Meet [link]
Apr. 13 MA k-12+ STCC 2014 Folkstyle-Youth - H.S. - Open Division
Apr. 18-19 NJ k-12 War at the shore, Wildwood, NJ forum: [link] flyer: [link]
Apr. 26 RI Brown University Elite Top 48 Prospect Clinic [link]
Apr. 26 OH Ohio Tournament of Champions. Columbus OH ,
Apr. 26-27 MA 9-12 New England Hope Duals [link]
Apr. 26-27. NY k-8 Pop and Flow Mini-men Nationals and Mini-men duals Schenectedy NY [link]
Apr. 27. NH k-12+ FR/GR Wildcat Olympic-Style Open, UNH Durham NH fb: [link]

May. 1 CT k-12 Michelle Liuzzi Clinic Enfield,CT [link] forum: [link]
May. 2 PA k-12 USAW Northeast Regional - East Stroudsburg, PA
May. 3 NH BGS Brawl
May. 3-4 CT Mitch Clark - Take Top Training Camp Enfield,CT [link]
May. 3-4 MD k-12 MAWA National Championships, Salisbury, MD [link]
May. 4 MA k-12+ STCC Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division
May. 10 NH. BGS Brawl.
May. 10 VT k-12 Catamount Youth Dual & HS Dual , Benington VT [link]
May. 17 MA 8-12 Backyard Brawls. Milford,MA [link] - CANCELLED because of weather.
May. 17-18 NY 1-12 Pop & Flo National Duals Lake Placid, NY Weigh-ins May 16 @ Lake Placid [link]
May 22-25 FILA Cadet & University Nationals Akron, Ohio [link]
May. 23-26 VA 4-12 NHSCA National Duals Virginia Beach, VA site: [link] forum: [link]
May. 30-1 WI 17+ JR/SR World Team Trials Madison,WI [link]
May 31 NC 8-12+ USA Wrestling Beach Nationals, Carolina Beach, NC [link]

Jun. 1 - MA k-12+ STCC 2014 Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division = Cancelled
Jun. 7 - NH 9-12 Gate City Duals Nashua South High School , Nashua, NH [link]
Jun. 12-14 MT k-12 AAU Grand Nationals FR/GR/FS Billings,MT [link]
Jun. 14 CT k-8 Battle of the Dome Duals , Danbury CT, [link]
Jun. 21 ME k-12+ Lynx Tournament, Waterboro ME -email-
Jun. 21 Wade Schalles Pinning Clinic, Dungeon W.C.
Jun. 23 UT - k-8 ASICS Kids Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Championships - Orem UT
Jun. 26 FL - 9-12 Jul 1 - 2014 AAU Wrestling Scholastic Duals , Orlando, FL
Jun. 28 ME - k-12+ New England Wrestling Challenge Waterboro ME -email-
Jun. 28 RI - 3-12+ BATTLE ON THE BEACH, Narraganset RI [link]
Jun. 28-29 CT Mitch Clark Boot Camp, Bristol CT [link]
Jun. 29-1 NY John Smith Camp [link]
Jun. 29-Jul 2 RI Technique Camp at Brown University [link]

Jul. 1-3 CT Powers 40 Intensive wrestling camp [link]
Jul. 6-9 VT Mt. Anthony Camp thread: [link] flyer: [link]
Jul. 6-9 RI Team Camp at Brown University [link]
Ju. 6-12 RI Todd Beckerman’s Intensive Prospect Wrestling Camp [link]
Jul. 6-11 MA,k-12+ Ken Chertow Camp Boxborough,MA [link]
Jul. 7-10 MA,k-12 Bridson/Ott Summer Wrestling Camp,Salem MA.
Jul. 8-10 RI, k-8 Harvard JP OConnor Rhode Island Youth Camp at Ponaganset High School, R.I. [link] flyer: [link]
Jul. 11-12 MA 5-12+ Bay State Games UMass Boston - Clark Athletic Center [link]
Jul. 13, MA k-12+ STCC 2014 Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division
Jul. 13-15 CT Shawn Charles' Power Inferno Wrestling Camp [link]
Jul. 14-17 MA Natick You Wrestling Camp. Natick MA [link]
Jul. 14-17 RI Roger Williams Camp, Bristol, RI [link]
Jul 14-18 MA Lexington (LCA), Lions Wrestling Camp. Grades 5-12. "Commuter" (4p-7p) [link]
Jul. 17-20 MA 9-12 Veritas Wrestling Camp High School Team Competition Harvard/Cambridge,MA Camp [link]
Jul. 18-26 ND 9-12 ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships. Fargo,ND
Jul. 21-23 MA 7-12 Ohio State Camp, North Scituate, RI [link] flyer: [link]
Jul. 21-23, NH k-12 Rock Solid Wrestling camp with Rock Bonomo Derry,NY [link]
Jul. 26-27, MA k-8 Cape Cod National Duals Hyannis, MA [link]
Jul. 28-31, MA k-12 Veritas Wrestling Camp Intensive Camp (High School and Youth options) Harvard/Cambridge,MA Camp [link]
Jul. 28-31, MA 6-12 Needham Intensive Wrestling w/ Kevin Jackson

Aug. 1-3, NY 7-12 1000 Island duals. Clayton NY [link]
Aug. 2, MA Logan Stieber Camp, STCC [link]
Aug. 2 DE, 9-12 Tyrant Duals. Wilmington, DE [link]
Aug. 3, MA k-12+ STCC Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division [link]
Aug. 9-10, MA 5-12+ 1st Annual Elite Wrestling Camp w/ Ben Askren [link]
Aug.15-17, 3 Day Intensive Camp at Doughboys (Nick Avery & Matt Powless) [link]

Sep. 21, MA k-12+ STCC Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division [link]
Sep. 27, CT USAW k-12+ Danbury PAL Folkstyle tournament [link]

Oct. 4 NY 6-12 Journeymen Fall Classic Niskayuna, NY [link]
Oct. 11 NY k-12 The Salt City Fall Wrestling Classic ,Syracuse NY, [link]
Oct. 12 PA k-12 Columbus Day Duals Kutztown, PA [link]
Oct. 19, MA k-12+ STCC 2014 Folkstyle- Youth - H.S. - Open Division [link]
Oct. 19, MA 8-12 Metro West United - Halloween Havoc Dual Meet Tournament, Natick HS [link]
Oct. 19, CT USAW k-12 Danbury CT, [link]
Oct. 24, CT All Max Askren Clinic, Danburry CT. [link]
Oct. 25, VT k-12 2014 Mt. Anthony/Catamount Fall Combo Tournament [link]
Oct. 25, IA k-12 Cliff Keen Pre-season Nationals Cedar Falls, Iowa [link]
Oct. 26, CT USAW k-12 "Hit the Switch Tournament" , New London CT [link]
Oct. 31-2, NV k-12 Freakshow, Las Vegas NV - [link]

Nov. 1-2 NC k-12 Super32 - Greensboro,NC [link]
Nov. 2, CT. USAW Fisheye Fall Classic - Simsbury, CT. [link]
Nov. 8, CT K-8 Beast Bash Duals - Danbury CT [link]
Nov. 9. NH. 9-12, Wrestling for Warriors. Manchester, NH [link]
Nov. 14-15, N.Y. Journeymen Fall Clinic w/ Tom Ryan/Mitch Clark/Aaron Pico - Clifton Park, N.Y. [link]
Nov. 16, CT. USAW Folkstyle Tourn. - Danbury, CT [link] forum: [link]
Nov. 22, N.H. Wayne Martin Granby Clinic, Milford, N.H. [link] & [link]
Nov. 22, CT. USAW Bristol Fall Brawl Folkstyle - Bristol CT. [link]
Nov. 28, Scrap and Scramble

Dec. 7th, MA k-8 STCC *Youth Only Folkstyle - Springfield, MA: [link]
Dec. 14th, N.Y. Mark Schultz Clinic - Journeymen W.C.- Albany, N.Y. [link]

---- 2015 ----

Jun 27-30 RI Brown Wrestling Camp [link] [link]
Jul. 6-11 RI URI Northeast National Wrestling Festival [link]
Jul. 10-11 RI URI Battle By The Beach
Jul. 16-19 RI RWU Overnight Wrestling Camp [link]

Thu Jun 19 2014, 08:42AM
Registered Member #10039
Joined: Tue Feb 16 2010, 12:35PM
Posts: 97
There will be alot more events, they just haven't been scheduled yet. Here is last year's list to get an idea what may come around in the fall.

Tue Nov 25 2014, 06:48PM
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Joined: Mon Dec 21 2009, 11:47AM
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Seacoast Youth Tournament (K-8) - February 1, 2015
Winnacunnet High School
Hampton NH
Info - contact: -email-
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