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Girls Wrestling this Spring? 
Mon Mar 04 2013, 01:01PM
Registered Member #156
Joined: Sat Mar 27 2004, 08:20AM
Posts: 527
I'm almost sure it was/is to begin this Spring... So who has a team and who should we watch for?
Mon Mar 04 2013, 01:27PM
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Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 636
MIAA put it on hold for this yr.
Aaron can explain further. Hopefully can will happen in future
Coach Valenzuela
Fri Nov 29 2013, 11:48AM
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Joined: Thu Feb 02 2012, 12:15PM
Posts: 66
I know this was put on hold last year. I recently received an email from MIAA that the deadline for adding girls wrestling was extended to Jan 10, 2014. Are there other schools out there in Mass that have already added girls wrestling to their spring offerings? There is interest in Boston in adding a citywide girls program, and it would help my advocacy to know how many other schools are out there looking to participate this Spring. Anyone know?
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