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Bridgewater State University and the Ultimate Fighter 
Tue Jan 22 2013, 10:16AM
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I would like to share with you an inspirational story that you might want to share with your team. Our former teammate, Jimmy Quinlan will be appearing on The Ultimate Fighter – 17, this Tuesday evening (tonight) on the FX Channel.

It’s not surprising that Jimmy made it to UFC, he is a tough and hard-nosed competitor. You might remember him from Bill James’s Methuen teams of 2000-2004 and Mike Kenney’s Bridgewater State University teams of 2004-2008.

Jimmy’s story is a compelling one about perseverance and hard work. Jimmy never won a state title at Methuen. He never even placed at the All-States. Jimmy always believed in himself and he continued to work hard and improve. During his freshman year, Jimmy placed fourth at the collegiate New Englands at 184. His sophomore year he placed third, in his junior year he placed second and he won the New Englands at 184 his senior year to qualify for the NCAA Division III Nationals.

Jimmy Quinlan’s teammates and coaches thought so highly of his dedica-tion and leadership that they made him a Captain for three straight years (soph-omore, junior and senior years). During those three years, Jimmy also served as a ‘Peer Mentor’ and a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

As coaches, we know that wrestling is a long journey. In order to be suc-cessful, wrestlers will meet many obstacles that they will have to overcome. Some wrestlers overcome those obstacles while some wrestlers give up on them-selves and quit. As long as your wrestlers love the journey………the drilling, the running, the lifting and the cutting weight, they will eventually reach the top. Jimmy Quinlan proves it. We continue to coach in order to work with young men like Jimmy. Catch him and the other 28 fighters of the UFC next Tuesday evening. [link] Open the TUF 17 cast…..he’s the fourth from the right in the front row (black T-shirt and jeans).
Tue Jan 22 2013, 10:55AM
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Can't wait to watch him tonight hope he wins
Mike Atlas
Wed Jan 23 2013, 02:28PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
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A friend of mine who follows UFC very closely said he did excellent last night.
Chicken Wing Coach
Thu Jan 31 2013, 09:04PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
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Jimmy Quinlan: [link]
Chicken Wing Coach
Wed Mar 06 2013, 07:13PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
Posts: 3903
Full recap of TUF episode ("Quinlan" vs. Hester). Tuf 17, Episode 7 Recap: Clint Hester vs. Jimmy Quinlan (Methuen H.S./Bridgewater State) ends via submission. Another match, another surprising upset by an underdog fighter on "The Ultimate Fighter": [link]
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