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Notes about the new stalling penalty 
Thu Jan 10 2013, 01:29PM
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
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Regarding the new rule... opponent gets choice upon next stoppage after a 2 pt stalling penalty.

1) doesn't matter if it's only your second stall call.. the 2 point stall call always includes the choice... such as
a) stall warning, locked hands (1) , locked hands (1), stall penalty (2 and choice),
but same penalties different order..
b) stall warning, stall penalty (1), locked hands (1), locked hands (2 but not choice)
even if you have 3 stall calls (inclu. warning)...
c) stall warning, stall penalty (1), stall penalty (1), locked hands (2 but not choice)

2) the choice happens at the next stoppage. if it's the top man (while on the mat), the stoppage is immediate. Otherwise it could be applied after a stoppage for another penalty, period ending, Out of bounds, etc.. even if it's the end of the third period and you're headed for Overtime!
(there are alot of details regarding what happens when the stoppage is at the end of the period, especially overtime tie-breakers, etc.. but generally, if it was already going to be your choice, then you can get a choice at the NEXT stoppage.)
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