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When is the escape earned and awarded? 
Mon Dec 24 2012, 10:20AM
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
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Offensive wrestler = Green, Defensive wrestler = Red

The escape is earned and should be awarded when:
1) red faces his opponent and meets all the following criteria
a) is under his own "power"
b) green does not have a firm grasp of one or both legs (subject to refs judgement)
c) green does not have a lock around the body
d) green does not still have an arm around reds back, PAST THE MIDLINE OF THE BACK


2) If Red seperates himself from Green "out of arms reach" or significantly enough that green regaining control is highly unlikely, BUT DOES NOT TURN AND FACE as time expires or they go out of bounds, then the escape should be awarded. I'd say you probably need a couple feet between Green's outstretched arm and Red's body, but this is subject to judgement.

If, during the course of the escape, Red comes directly to a position of advantage (but not control), the escape shall be held until the advantage situation is over, he scores a reversal, or there is a stoppage (time, OB, penalty,etc.). If the wrestlers come to a more neutral position or there is a stoppage, the escape shall then be awarded, if Red still meets the criteria of an escape. Examples of this include:
a) red comes from bottom and secures a single leg UP position (single leg down on the mat would often not warrant the escape)
b) red comes from bottom directly to having a front headlock (or quarter nelson) on Green.

One example that is often questioned. Red was on bottom, attemped an escape that brought him directly to a having a front headlock on green. He was clearly in an advantage position, but had not secured control (reversal).. just before time expires, Green lunges forward, and is able to secure a tight single leg. Time expires. NO POINTS are awarded.
Mon Dec 24 2012, 11:25AM
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in theory, I agree with the term that the escape shall be "held" until stoppage, but not without some form of notification. ex: Red on top, score 3-3, 15 seconds left 3rd period. Green working for reversal, not quite there, and as time expires, nothing changes...but a point is given for loss of control. If red was aware that the loss of control point was imminent, may have chosen to cut clean and attempt to secure TD for win. Have always found this situation to be one of the most difficult to call properly, as hate to award a point just because time expired, with no discenible change.
Mon Dec 24 2012, 12:14PM
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
Posts: 596
I hear you! It's a tough spot, but.. if for example, green was down by 3, and you award the 1 "too early", then he spins behind and gets the two as time expires. The match was just tied unfairly. So for consistency, I think we all need to hold it until his advantage has passed.

I completely agree that is is critical to have verbal notification of "red control", or personally, by habit, I say "still red, still red!" but unfortunately, i don't see a fair way of indicating that the escape point is being held...
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