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Prep Vs. Public - Top Wrestlers - Charity Dual - April 7th  Go to page  1 2 [3]
Sat Apr 07 2012, 10:23PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 20 2011, 04:27PM
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The box score is wrong in one match that I know of Henson over Piasik 4-3 (good match up). Overall I thought the Preps had a better team but the Public kids wrestled tougher on this day. Congrats to all on raising money for charity and congrats to Jeff Ott for making it such a success.
Sat Apr 07 2012, 10:43PM
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So 220 was Public vs. public with Foucher winning. Maybe Foucher should have gone 220 this year?
Sun Apr 08 2012, 01:06AM
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Joined: Sun Apr 13 2008, 12:27AM
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Gilbride wrote ...

date home team score away team score
04/07/2012 Public All Star 22 Prep All Stars 19

Freeform details:
Matches between Public All Stars were not added into the team totals. No Forfeits were recorded.

Other details:
Weight Class Home Wrestler Score Away Wrestler Score
106 Jon Ryan Dracut 7 Drew Saccone St Pauls NH 2
113 Troy Gassaway Mt Anthony VT 4 John Anderson Tabor 0
120 Logan David King Philip MA 4 Christian Vallis Phillips 3
126 Geovanni Medina New Britan CT 5 Jeff Ott Belmont Hill 18
132 Zack Hale Mt Anthony VT 9 Geoffroy Verallis Northfield 4
138 Fritz Hoehn N. Andover MA 5 RJ LaBeef Pomfret 9
145 Andrew LaBrie Exeter RI 7 Ethan Rheault St Pauls 1
152 Ryan Niven Tyngsboro MA 3 Colton Dempsey Philips 5
160 Jacob Straight Pathfinder M MA 0 Matthew Libby Northfield Mt He 2
170 Will Henson Barnstable MA 0 Stephan Piascik Northfield Mt 4
182 Sheldon Rhoden Hartford CT Devin Hurst Warwick WBF
195 John Graves Nashoba MA Mike Sullivan Phillips Exeter WBF
220 Alex Colon Woburn MA 0 Spencer Foucher Mt Anthony VT 5
285 Jesse Webb Mt. Anthony VT 14 Henry Anderson Northfield Mt H 4

170 is wrong henson won

Sun Apr 08 2012, 05:57AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 14 2007, 12:55PM
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Thanks to every one that helped.

Special note of thanks to C&A Awards of Dracut. C&A donated the shirts and the Plaque.

Sun Apr 08 2012, 06:01AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 14 2007, 12:55PM
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The Box Score is updated for Henson over Piascik 4-3.
Sun Apr 08 2012, 07:48AM
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I wanted to thank the all the wrestlers who sacrificed a lot to come out and wrestle for charity last night, especially the kids who traveled from out of state. We found out that we have some incredible wrestlers in the Prep and Public schools, we had some pretty sick matches last night. Thank you to the Coaches, the Officials, The Ott Family, Coach Gilbride and the Nashoba Regional wrestling team. We managed to raise $1,700.00 total for Children’s Hospital, Miles for Miracles in memory of Frank DeMeo, a former wrestler at Nashoba Regional who passed in 2007. I will be thinking of all of you on my 26.2 mile run next Monday and how great the New England wrestling community is! Thank you!
We are also donating $200 to my patient partner’s team, Collin Bianchi. Please check his page as well.
Sun Apr 08 2012, 02:46PM
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Joined: Sat Jan 01 2011, 01:02PM
Posts: 16
any videos of the matches?
Sun Apr 08 2012, 03:05PM
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Joined: Sun Feb 03 2008, 10:17AM
Posts: 30
There will be some good ones !
Phil Riccio
Sun Apr 08 2012, 05:45PM
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Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 09:21PM
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cradler10 wrote ...

any videos of the matches?

Peter Ott video taped the dual meet and will be uploading them to Flo. I'm sure Jeff (Ott) will post when they go up on Flo.

Geoff (Riccio) also recoreded the event and will be putting together a highlight that will be posted on YouTube. Once that goes up I will post it here as well.

Jeffrey Ott
Sun Apr 08 2012, 08:59PM
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Joined: Wed Mar 07 2012, 07:18AM
Posts: 12
Thanks to everyone who came out last night. It really means a lot to see that many people come out to support Children's Hospital and New England wrestling. We will do this again next year and I have tons of ideas that will make it bigger and better. But, plan on seeing a more impressive encore next year.
Peter Ott
Mon Apr 09 2012, 08:38AM
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Joined: Sat Mar 27 2004, 11:47AM
Posts: 188
Recap from Saturday night:
Mon Apr 09 2012, 10:04AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 14 2007, 12:55PM
Posts: 60
The actual Sunday news paper from the link above had two pictures, 138 and 113.
Tue Apr 10 2012, 02:49AM
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Joined: Sat Jan 28 2006, 12:25PM
Posts: 33
Here is the link to the actual highlight video:

Tue Apr 10 2012, 07:58AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 14 2007, 12:55PM
Posts: 60
Another great video by Geoff. Thanks for producing it so quickly.
Peter Ott
Tue Apr 10 2012, 08:31AM
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Joined: Sat Mar 27 2004, 11:47AM
Posts: 188
All videos have now been posted on Flo:
Peter Ott
Thu Apr 12 2012, 05:58AM
Registered Member #160
Joined: Sat Mar 27 2004, 11:47AM
Posts: 188
Photos from last Saturday night:
I apologize that we did not get photos of all wrestlers - the camera batteries died half way through the event.
Phil Riccio
Thu Apr 12 2012, 09:18AM
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Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 09:21PM
Posts: 342
Wow, great pictures! The videos came out great and the highlight has over 1,100 views in just over a day... Great stuff.

Sat Apr 14 2012, 06:43AM
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Joined: Mon Jan 24 2005, 10:00AM
Posts: 335
Thank you again to all the helped out and participated in the event. Children's Hosptial Thanks you! For Frankie!!!
See you at the finish line in Boston.
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