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Tue Jan 31 2012, 12:36PM
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Coaches and Wrestlers!!

Be advised that the MIAA has dictated that tape will not be allowed on headgear in the post-season. This was a directive from the national federation which Massachusetts chose not to enforce during the season, but has now chosen to enforce for the post-season.

If you have tape on your headgear, take it home or get help from your coach, and make sure it fits well and stays out of your eyes without tape.

That said, I can't say to what extent each referee will enforce the rule. (My opinion being that alot of headgear fit better with a little tape on the straps), but to be safe, i would recommend removing any unecessary tape.
Tue Jan 31 2012, 03:01PM
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This is the email I received from the MIAA with respect to this. I am just another messenger like FlipU4Real.

2012 MIAA Wrestling


At the Wrestling Tournament Directors and Tournament Host School Representatives meeting, held on Sunday, January 29th it was suggested that the following additional items be communicated to all schools intending to participate in the Individual and/or Team Tournaments:

· 2nd Reminder---by NFHS Rules, tape on Head guards will NOT be allowed

· Tape WILL be allowed over shoelaces in compliance with NFHS Rule 4-1-3.

· State Team Tournament Tie-Breaker: If two or more teams score the same number of team points in the Individual Tournament Sectionals, the following tie-breaker will be in effect:

o Total number of wrestlers who score team points

o Total number of place winners (first through sixth place)

o Head-to-Head Dual Meet results

o Team with the greater number of Sectional Champions, followed by the team with the greater number of second place finishers, etc.

o Coin toss

· Intent to Enter Form: The Intent to Enter Form is ONLY for those

schools which qualify for the Team State Tournament by being one of

the four teams in their Individual Tournament Sectionals to

accumulate the highest number of team points.

Upon conclusion of the Individual Sectionals and on or before

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 ALL QUALIFYING TEAMS must

Submit ELECTRONICALLY, the Intent to Enter Form to notify the

MIAA whether or not they will be participating in the two-day State

Team Tournament at the Tsongas Center on February 19, 20, 2012.
Tue Jan 31 2012, 03:27PM
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Joined: Sun Jan 22 2012, 09:43PM
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What's the rationale for not allowing tape on headgear? Is the national fedeation concerned that two wrestlers, each with taped headgear, might become stuck together? Not unlike Alaskan caribou who oftentimes entangle their antlers and end up starving to death?
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