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AAU Results - Scholastic Duals AT DISNEY 2010 
Fri Jun 25 2010, 04:32PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 01 2009, 06:16AM
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Wadsworth Blue is undefeated for the day! Way to go team!
Fri Jun 25 2010, 08:05PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 18 2004, 06:40AM
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Wadsworth Blue 51 Beavercreek(OH) 23
Wadsworth Blue 43 Lower Dauphin(PA) 22
Wadsworth Blue 59 Charlotte(FL) 19

Going undefeated for Blue: Logan David, Chris Kelly, Brandon Sheck, Brandon Beauregard, Joe Alie, Dan Telhada, Eric DesLauiers and Donald McNeil.
Coach: Matt Backalars

Wadsworth Red 15 Bloomington South(IN) 52
Wadsworth Red 18 Winter Park(FL) 63
Wadsworth Red 9 Austintown(OH) 63

Pool competition continues tomorrow.

Going unbeaten for Red: Dave Pinto and Frank Mahoney
Coach: Jeff Gore
Sat Jun 26 2010, 10:04PM
Registered Member #439
Joined: Fri Jun 18 2004, 06:40AM
Posts: 272
Wadsworth Blue won easily over Cobra-Piqua and columbus East, Ohio going 5-0
to win their pool and advance to the championship round tomorrow vs Cumberland Valley, PA.
Still undefeated are Logan David, Brandon Sheck, Brendon Beauregard, Joe Alie, Dan Telhada, Eric Deslauriers and Donald McNeil.
Wadsworth Red went winless but will contest tomorrow for 28th place. Dave Pinto remains undefeated.
Sun Jun 27 2010, 09:49AM
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Joined: Thu Dec 14 2006, 12:18PM
Posts: 239
Terrance Jean Jacques is wrestling for MAWA, they are undefeated so far.
Sun Jun 27 2010, 05:44PM
Registered Member #439
Joined: Fri Jun 18 2004, 06:40AM
Posts: 272
Wadsworth Blue beat Cumberland Valley(PA) in the championship round of 16 then
were overwhelmed by Lake Catholic(OH) in the quarters. In the consolation quarters
Wadsworth beat Lower Dauphin(PA) needing falls by Donald McNeil and Mike Gill to pull it out. The remaining undefeated wrestlers after 8 rounds are Brendon Beauregard, Eric
Deslauriers and Donald McNeil
Wrestling continues tomorrow at 8:00AM with Wadsworth guaranteed a top eight finish out of the 75 community teams.
Wadsworth Red bowed out of the tournament, but the younger kids had a great experiance. Dave Pinto went unbeaten while Greg Williams, Adam Travaloine, and
Frank Mahoney received medals for only having one loss.

Terrance Jean-Jacques is here and looks good for MAWA.
John Henderson
Mon Jun 28 2010, 02:29PM
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Joined: Tue Feb 05 2008, 06:11PM
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I found results at this location. [link]
Mon Jun 28 2010, 02:44PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 01 2009, 06:16AM
Posts: 38
yes, but nothig yet for today.
Mon Jun 28 2010, 03:48PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 18 2004, 06:40AM
Posts: 272
Wadsworth Blue finished 8th of 75 losing to Springhill(FL) andCollins Hill(GA).
Collins Hill was the #9 team in the country and was wrestling for 7th to give an idea of hoe tough this tournament is. Wadsworth's last unbeaten wrestlers Brandon Beauregard, Eric Desauliers, and Donald McNeil (Injury) went down against Spring Hill.
Wadsworth finished 6-2 and made it to the championship round another decent showing for Mass.
Mon Jun 28 2010, 08:35PM
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Joined: Wed Aug 27 2008, 07:23PM
Posts: 91
how serious was donald's injury?
Coach C
Wed Jun 30 2010, 08:12AM
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Joined: Tue Jul 13 2004, 05:12PM
Posts: 620
Here are the final results for Wadsworth and some facts about AAU's National Duals held at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney. The Coaches did a great job. Wadsworth sent two teams; Red and Blue. The Blue Team was coached by Matt Bakalars and Andy McNeil. The Red Team was coached by Jeff Goor. Table workers included Linda Kelly for the Blue Team and Lisa Gannon for the Red Team. Including parents and chaperones, we had over 60 people join us on this trip. Including teams in the Communnity, District and Developmental Divisions, there were 118 Team that competed. Wadsworth Blue went 7-3 overall to finish in 8th place out of 80 Community Teams. Because Wadsworth Red wrestled in the large school division, they finished in 40th place and went 0-9. This is the 8th year competing at the Duals for Wadsworth and this tournament is getting tougher every year. We had several wrestlers medal; Red Team, includeing exhibitions-Greg Williams 10-3, Dave Pinto 10-1, Frank Mahoney 10-1, Blue Team, including exhibitions- Brandon Beuaregard 8-2, Joe Alie 8-2, Dan Telhada 9-1 (lost one match because he didn't have his shoe laces tied), Eric Deslaureirs 9-1 and Donald McNeil 10-3 (1 loss due to an injury default and the other two losses were in heavy weight exhibition bouts). Other wrestlers with winning records include; Logan David 6-4, Brandon Sheck 6-4, Mike Hoey 6-4 and Chris Kelly 6-4.
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