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Old School (1981 New England Tournament Entrants w/ top 3 finishers) 
Hill Billy
Sun Jun 28 2009, 09:00AM

Joined: Sun Dec 26 2004, 07:51AM
Posts: 838
We have a nice program from the 1981 NEs but unfortunately none of the brackets are filled out!

1981 New England Wrestling Tournament
Hosted by Nashua High School
Tournament Director: Paul Bellavance, Nashua, NH
Tournament Referees: Russ Carlsten (RI), Jason Holder (NH), Rick Gordon (VT) and Eugene Bouley (MA)

102 pounds (entrants)

1. Pat Stephenson, Durfee, MA
2. Andy Appelby, Mt Anthony, VT
3. Ted Driscoll, White Mountain, NH
4. Mark Dempsey, Dedham, MA
5. Jeff Moniz, Coventry, RI
6. Jeff Lussier, Granby, MA
7. Darren Blair, Middlebury, VT
8. Craig Benford, Central, Providence, RI
9. Paul Noel, Lowell, MA
10. Steve Gallagher, Bishop Guertin, NH

102 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Andy Appleby, Mt Anthony, VT
2. Jeff Lussier, Granby, MA
3. Ted Driscoll, White Mountain, NH

109 pounds (entrants)

1. Whitney Powers, Masconomet, MA
2. Kevin Randall, Waltham, MA
3. Robert Smith, Coventry, RI
4. Ed McNamara, Timerlane, NH
5. Steve Bullard, Spaulding, VT
6. Bert Johnson, White Mountain, NH
7. Steve Beati, Lowell, MA
8. Kennedy Begnoche, Middlebury, VT
9. Kim Kimball, Rockland, MA
10. William Ciambrone, Cranston East, RI

109 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Steve Beatti, Lowell, MA,
2. Kevin Randall, Waltham, MA
3. Bert Johnson, White Mountain, NH

116 pounds (entrants)

1. Sean Donovan, Timberlane, NH
2. Al Belanger, North Andover, MA
3. Smith Stratton, Mt Anthony, VT
4. David Young, Burrillville, RI
5. Sean Ryan, Lowell, MA
6. Robert Soares, Warwick, RI
7. John Thibault, Milford, MA
8. Bob Moore, Putnam, MA
9. Mark Roberts, Bishop Guertin, NH
10. John Wakefield, Middlebury, VT

116 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Al Belanger, North Andover, MA,
2. John Wakefield, Middlebury, VT
3. David Young, Burrillville, RI

123 pounds (entrants)

1. Glen Walsh, Cumberland, RI
2. David Marquis, Bishop Guertin, NH
3. Brett Whitley, Putnam, MA
4. Gaetan De LaBruere, North Country, VT
5. Harry Schuster, Lynnfield, MA
6. Kevin Allen, Mill River, VT
7. Dave Fortin, White Mountain, NH
8. Sam Lariviere, Granby, MA
9. Jeff Thatcher, Burrillville, RI
10. Rick Martin, Weymouth, MA

123 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Kevin Allen, Mill River VT
2. David Marquis, Bishop Guertin NH
3. Sam Lariviere, Granby, MA

130 pounds (entrants)

1. Scott Legacy, Mt. Anthony, VT
2. Bruce Hutchinson, Warren, RI
3. Paul St. John, Ware, MA
4. John Damaino, Billerica, MA
5. Jean Marc Couture, White Mountain, NH
6. Tim Holmes, Reading, MA
7. Joe Franco, Bristol, RI
8. Marc Briere, Nashua, NH
9. Brian Wagner, Middlebury, VT
10. Terry Cacciola, Milford, MA

130 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Tim Holmes, Reading MA
2. Bruce Hutchinson, Warren, RI
3. Scott Legacy, Mt Anthony, VT

136 pounds (entrants)

1. Jim Quigley, Lowell, MA
2. Dick Bernard, Essex Junction, VT
3. Frank Proctor, Con-Val, NH
4. Paul Mastroianni, Milford, MA
5. Greg Houghton, Warwick, RI
6. Chuck Gelinas, North Andover, MA
7. Scott Elithorpe, Middlebury, VT
8. Dan Charland, Cumberland, RI
9. Brian Cassidy, Billerica, MA
10. Kent Klein, Bishop Guertin, NH

136 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Dan Charland, Cumberland RI
2. Dick Bernard, Essex Junction VT
3. Jim Quigley, Lowell, MA

142 pounds (entrants)

1. Bob Richard, Quabbin, MA
2. Mike Bossi, Chelmsford, MA
3. Bob Matthews, Bishop Hendricken, RI
4. Bryce Collins, Salem, NH
5. Dave Fausel, Essex Junction, VT
6. Gary Holden, Nashua, NH
7. John Brouillette, Lowell, MA
8. Eric Sunderland, Middlebury, VT
9. Glen Hammond, Holliston, MA
10. Kevin Jencks, Cumberland, RI

142 pounds (top 3 placers)

1. Bob Matthews, Bishop Hendricken RI
2. Eric Sunderland, Middlebury, VT
3. Gary Holden, Nashua NH

149 pounds (entrants)

1. Bob Lebel, Con-Val, NH
2. Jeff May, Drury, MA
3. Chris Gnaedinger, Burlington, VT
4. Gerald DeGuillo, Toll Gate, VT
5. Sheldon Elliot, Springfield Classical, MA
6. Dennis Derocher, Coventry, RI
7. George Fischer, Masconomet, MA
8. Charles Roderick, Brockton, MA
9. Joe Webb, Plymouth, NH
10. Scott Pike, Colchester, VT

149 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Charles Roderick, Brockton MA,
2. Jeff May, Drury MA
3. Scot Pike, Colchester, VT

159 pounds

1. Booker Benford, Central, Providence, RI
2. Pierre Couture, White Mountain, NH
2. Brian Mills, Randolph, MA
4. Roy Slade, Mt. Anthony, VT
5. Rusty Ransford, Drury, MA
6. Mike Cook, Mt. Abraham, VT
7. Jim Desrosiers, Salem, NH
8. Rich White, Nashoba, MA
9. Albert Cardoza, Central Falls, RI
10. Paul Jreaswec, Springfield Tech, MA

159 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Booker Benford, Central, Providence, RI
2. Rich White, Nashoba, MA
3. Brian Mills, Randolph, MA

171 pounds (entrants)

1. Joe Briganti, Colchester, VT
2. Wayne Hayter, Cumberland, RI
3. Tom Kowalski, Wayland, MA
4. Keith McLaughlin, Woburn, MA
5. Jeff Sottak, Nashua, NH
6. Garry Errico, Winchester, MA
7. Robert DiMuccio, Smithfield, RI
8. Duane Harbour, Winnisquam, NH
9. Larry Kaufman, Middlebury, VT
10. Todd Grantham, Westford, MA

171 pounds (top 3 finishers)

1. Gary Errico, Winchester, MAMA,
2. Wayne Hayter, Cumberland, RI
3. Keith McLauglin, Woburn, MA

189 pounds (entrants)

1. Mike Carolan, Ludlow, MA
2. Brian Delphia, Harwood, VT
3. John Esposito, Bishop Guertin, NH
4. Neil Zonifrelli, Bridewater Raynham, MA
5. Andrew Lombardi, Cranston East, RI
6. Bill Gilmore, Milford, MA
7. Mike Miller, Otter Valley, VT
8. Willie Perez, East Providence, RI
9. Mark Picot, Quincy, MA
10. Steve Graveline, Nashua, NH

189 pounds (top 3 finishers )

1. Mike Carolan, Ludlow MA,
2. Bill Gilmore, Milford MA
3. Brian Delphia, Harwood, VT

Heavyweight (entrants)

1. Mike Conners, North Reading, MA
2. Harry Ward, Norwood, MA
3. Todd Gautreau, Burrillville, RI
4. Paul Gabriel, Nashua, NH
5. Shawn Stevens, Mill River, VT
6. Jim Boynton, Plymouth, NH
7. Ed Mackey, Quincy, MA
8. Steve Dike, Burlington, VT
9. Rick Spellar, Lawrence, MA
10. William Kaliff, LaSalle, RI

Unlimited (top 3 finishers)

1. Harry Ward, Norwood MA,
2. Steve Dike, Burlington, VT
3. William Kaliff, LaSalle, RI

Team Standings (top 3)

1. Mt. Anthony, VT
2. Cumberland, RI
3. Middlebury, VT
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