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Norwich University to drop wrestling 
Tue Dec 23 2008, 08:01AM
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Norwich to Drop Wrestling - act now!
Posted by AV on December 22nd, 2008
To: Wrestling Community
Fr: Mike Moyer, NWCA
Re: Call to Action – Save Norwich University Wrestling
Date: December 22, 2008

Norwich University wrestling coach, Rich Hasenfus, contacted the NWCA to advise us that his administration will be eliminating their varsity wrestling program at the end of this year. This is the second dropped wrestling program in the past week (Lawrence University has also dropped…we are working on contacting their coach for more information). With the current state of the economy, we can be assured that more carnage is on its way for All Olympic sports if we don’t mount a very aggressive “public relations” campaign immediately.

That said, we need to have an immediate and sustained letter writing campaign directed at their university president and Chairman of the Board of Trustees executed immediately. There contact information is as follows:

Dr. Richard M Schneider
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive
Northfield, VT 05663 Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, Chairman
Norwich University Board of Trustees
C/o David Whaley, Secretary
158 Harmon Drive
Northfield, VT 05663

When drafting your letters, please be sure to be respectful. While this might be a very emotional issue, we always want to take the high road when voicing our opinion. Secondly, please be sure to include the following speaking points in your letter:

· Norwich University has a rich wrestling tradition as evidenced by the following:
a. 139 All-New England (conf. placers)
b. 47 Conference Finalists, 21 Conference Champs
c. 8 All-Americans
d. 2 National Finalist
e. 1 National Champ
f. 15 Scholar All-Americans
g. 11 Nationally Ranked teams
h. 1998 Conference Coach year – Coach Hasenfus
· How can a military school even think about eliminating a combat sport like wrestling when you consider the following leaders with wrestling backgrounds?
a. There are 13 former U.S. Presidents who wrestled.
b. General Krulak, Commandant, USMC, Ret.
c. U.S. Senator John McCain
d. Don Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, Ret.
e. J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, Ret.
f. Admiral James Holloway III, US Navy, Ret.
g. General Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army, Ret.
h. 17 active astronauts have wrestling backgrounds

· The stated reason for dropping the wrestling program is budgetary. How does an enrollment driven university like Norwich justify eliminating wrestling when few, if any male sports, have a more favorable ratio of high school participants to college opportunities (260,000 high school participants vs only 220 NCAA wrestling teams).

· This decision jeopardizes more than the 32 wrestlers currently on the Norwich wrestling roster. It affects the 7 other military colleges that sponsor wrestling as well as over 260,000 underserved high school wrestlers that now have one fewer college to pursue their academic and athletic dreams.

· How can Norwich University make the decision to eliminate wrestling without first reaching out to the alumni and wrestling community for help?

· According to the Norwich University 2007/08 EADA, wrestling is one of the least expensive sports at the University. It appears that wrestling is inexpensive, has provided the school with considerable national exposure, and has done more than its fair share to help Norwich bolster its undergraduate enrollment.

In summary, it is important that the University administration believes that the public outcry is going to escalate over the following days, months, and years. The wrestling community encourages the administration to establish an alternative plan that maintains its intercollegiate wrestling program.

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Jim Maher
Tue Dec 23 2008, 08:50AM

Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:09PM
Posts: 4726
If every HS Wrestler in VT or New England called Norwich to complain and advised them that they were taking Norwich off their list of schools to apply to, things would change.

It always about money and PR. If the school get enough bad press, they will change their minds.
Tue Dec 23 2008, 09:02AM
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Joined: Thu Jul 22 2004, 11:56PM
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Are any other teams being cut? In 2006, Norwich added women's lacrosse and volleyball. I think they could survive a proportionality test if they got rid of one of these newer programs.
Jim Maher
Tue Dec 23 2008, 09:12AM

Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:09PM
Posts: 4726
They dropped Tennis too
Mike Atlas
Wed Dec 24 2008, 09:53PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Dear ____________

I hope you are enjoying your time at home with your family and that you are having a great holiday vacation. I am writing you at this time to inform you of a decision that the administration has made as a result of Norwich’s current financial situation. As you may already know, the University is experiencing significant financial challenges as a result of today’s economy and budget cuts are necessary to overcome deficits that the University is faced with for this current year and next. These deficits amount to several millions of dollars and many areas of the University will be affected, including the Athletic Department .

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that after this season, the wrestling program at Norwich will be dropped. This decision, along with several other cuts to athletics will have a big impact to the department and to our student athletes. These decisions and others by the administration were extremely difficult to make but due to the severity of the financial situation, were necessary in order for the University to balance its budget.

I know your decision to attend Norwich was in large part due to your relationship with Coach Hasenfus and our wrestling program and I know dropping the program might affect your decision whether to stay at Norwich or transfer to another school to participate in wrestling. Whatever decision you make, I want you to know that I will help you in any way that I can.

Again I am extremely sorry to have to tell you this information during your holiday but I felt it was important that you know about this before you return to campus.


Anthony Mariano

Director of Athletics
Mike Atlas
Wed Dec 24 2008, 09:54PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Dear Norwich Wrestling Family,

It is with great regret that we as the coaching staff have to write this letter. Norwich University has decided to cut the wrestling program effective after the 2008-2009 season.

Although this news is undoubtedly hard to swallow, we will fight for what we believe in. The easy way out would be to roll over, accept this decision, and move on, but we are wrestlers and that is not in our nature.

Norwich Wrestling has a history of excellence represented by 139 All-New England placers, 21 New England Champions, 8 All-Americans, 1 National Champion, 15 Academic All-Americans, and 9 seasons nationally ranked.

As wrestlers, we have been taught on the mat that no match is over no matter what the score, until the final seconds tick off the clock. It is time for us to rally together and show the University what this program means to us and that it has taught us to fight for our convictions.

In this uphill battle, we are representing every wrestling program in the country and to say that this sport, and the people who love it, are too valuable to write off for temporary financial reasons.

We will be looking at all ways of saving our program from team and individual fundraising to Alumni support to the larger national wrestling community.

Rich Hasenfus
Head Wrestling Coach
Norwich University
Sat Mar 06 2010, 04:08PM
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Joined: Sat Jun 13 2009, 11:05AM
Posts: 586
anything new out of this? Didnt Mike Thomas Brown wrestle for Norich? Im sure hed have some pull.
Sat Mar 06 2010, 04:13PM
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Joined: Mon Jan 24 2005, 10:00AM
Posts: 335
They should have never let Jessie Castro leave!!!
Sat Mar 06 2010, 04:29PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 14 2010, 04:29PM
Posts: 17
they are defiantly having a team next year. i know that they have been recruiting alot of people to wrestle for them
Sat Mar 06 2010, 08:26PM
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Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
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yes, they are funded for next season
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