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Coach Kevin Russo Retires 
Fri Jun 13 2008, 10:12AM
Registered Member #2315
Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
Posts: 725
Massachusetts wrestling, and more importantly, Watertown Wrestling is losing one of the best guys to ever coach in this state. Kevin Russo has decided to retire. His teams have always wrestled hard, have always wrestled with class, and have always been successful. Those are reflections of Kevin, he pushes his kids hard, he has always competed with dignity, and he has won everywhere he has been. No one can ever question whether he weighs his kids in, whether he completes his paperwork, or whether he would lie in a seeding meeting. Kevin was above reproach and an example to everyone who wants to coach this sport. Wrestling will really miss you Kevin. I will also miss you. We need more people like you.

Dave Breen
Thu Oct 02 2008, 10:15AM
Registered Member #7940
Joined: Mon Sep 15 2008, 04:28PM
Posts: 4
Do you know his email or cell phone where he can be reached?
Mike Atlas
Fri Oct 03 2008, 02:21PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Check your PMs, Andrew.
Mon Oct 06 2008, 08:45AM
Registered Member #5642
Joined: Tue Feb 20 2007, 02:47PM
Posts: 227
Andrew, I have sent Kevin your contact info.
Thu Nov 06 2008, 06:01PM
Registered Member #2753
Joined: Wed Dec 14 2005, 02:51AM
Posts: 140
I remember one time I ran into Coach Russo at Old Country Buffet of all places and he was very cordial and pleasant.

Watertown has become a much better team under Russo and its a shame he's leaving for he brings so much to the table.

I wish him well in his future endeavors.
Fri Nov 07 2008, 11:39AM
Registered Member #571
Joined: Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:33PM
Posts: 595
Very True!!! I don't think Watertown had a single victory until Kevin showed up!!
Mon Nov 10 2008, 01:25PM
Registered Member #3173
Joined: Fri Jan 13 2006, 07:57PM
Posts: 84
they didnt even have a team until coach russo showed up
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