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hydration testing for 2008-9 
Tue Apr 08 2008, 02:13PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 636
MIAA wrestling committee met yesterday and discussed and voted on implementing federation hydration testing

After numerous long discussions on the subject over the past couple of years a vote was taken

The committee voted against the implementation of the rule.

The committee then voted to keep the weight control method as is currently done: signatures, body fat and morning weigh-ins, per the current rule.

Got Heart?
Tue Apr 08 2008, 03:33PM
Registered Member #4295
Joined: Mon Sep 11 2006, 05:46PM
Posts: 124
So this is the final say for the 2008-2009 season?
Tue Apr 08 2008, 07:18PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 636
Correct, it wouldn't have been implemented next year anyways.

Discussion is over on the topic
Fri Apr 11 2008, 04:25PM
Registered Member #2405
Joined: Tue Nov 08 2005, 10:36AM
Posts: 8
mass, step up to the plate, hydo testing is not that hard, other states have been doing it for the last couple of years, school districts set the place to have it done, chsaa (colorado ) set the time frame to have it done in, then you fax the paper work into them and the school's ad keeps a copy, plus as a coach you may like to keep a copy of the paper work
Fri Apr 11 2008, 07:38PM
Registered Member #278
Joined: Mon Jan 16 2006, 10:06AM
Posts: 1122
Problem is Tom that while Hydration Testing is being done, it is not being done correctly. When Coaches are involved and you don't use a neutral tester the results cannot be taken seriously. Fact is kids are still sucking weight and beating the system. Mass already has a good system in place and has for years. But whatever the system if the person or persons that administer it are "fudgeing it" it will not work. We don't fudge it and as long as "mo gambo " (me) is in charge we will follow the rules as most people do. Even in the small state of Vermont we knew, years ago, who could and couldn't be trusted.
Sat Apr 12 2008, 10:15AM
Registered Member #2405
Joined: Tue Nov 08 2005, 10:36AM
Posts: 8
ray, the testing is down by a neutral doctor and nurses, coaches only bring the form in and then pick them up when all of the team members have gone thru. kids have to pass the hydration test first , then they go and get the body fat test done by the doctor in the same time frame - for a team of 24 kids it take about 1 - 2 hours with wait time and other teams there. no matter what you use people will try to cheat the system, which has been and always will be wrong, I teach my wrestlers to go up a weight class and work on getting stronger.
Sat Apr 12 2008, 12:28PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 636
4insidewrestling, nobody said the testing is hard. We have a good system in place that isn't broken, so why fix it.

We do follow the rule of shoulder to shoulder 1 hour on Weekdays and 2 hours weekends.

We just have an extra rule for the betterment of our student athletes that allows 3 pound growth over the course of the day, so they can weigh-in scratch in morning and eat lunch.

MA should not be doing a night before WI anywhere. That is a MIAA rule.
Sat Apr 12 2008, 02:46PM
Registered Member #4263
Joined: Tue Aug 22 2006, 09:45AM
Posts: 115
some NFHS rules may be modified by state adoption...others are not, and this includes the weight certification process with the hydration component, but more significantly, the mandated weigh-ins that specifically prohibit an allowance. Mass violates NFHS rules in 3 ways: 1--hydration test as part of weight certification 2--morning weigh ins (whether or not they still weigh in again plus 3 at night) 3--greater than 1 pound given for consecutive days of competition

other states have made the needed adjustments to comply with federation rules
Mon Apr 14 2008, 09:47AM
Registered Member #2315
Joined: Tue Oct 18 2005, 02:23PM
Posts: 723
I was with the NWCA people this weekend. Only 37 states do the hydration. It is not cost effective! States are dropping it because it because the maintenence of the program is so time consuming. I have spoken to a lot of coaches from a lot of states that do it, and a guy who foolows the rules and does it right is at a major disadvantage to a guy who cheats. Most guys think that 70% of the guys in their states cheat. We can't get guys to do weigh-ins right. We would never get them to do this without cheating.
Thu May 15 2008, 11:08AM
Registered Member #847
Joined: Wed Dec 15 2004, 11:37AM
Posts: 892
perhaps you could get Arlen Specter to look into this "alleged cheating" - it would be a better use of his time and resources than what he is proposing
Fri Sep 26 2008, 08:20AM
Registered Member #5184
Joined: Mon Jan 22 2007, 09:28PM
Posts: 101
forget hydro testing they can be cheated, kids will find ways around them, and it wont stop anything. Hydration testing is just a waste of time, and money
Fri Sep 26 2008, 04:01PM
Registered Member #71
Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 09:00AM
Posts: 63
I think it is a good call. From a coaches standpoint, it would hurt newer/ less supported programs. I have coached at well established programs and newer or less supported programs. The lesser programs would be hurt by Hydration Testing.
Fri Sep 26 2008, 04:51PM
Registered Member #6261
Joined: Sun Aug 26 2007, 11:58AM
Posts: 335
I agree that the hydration testing would hurt the smaller/less funded programs. My program is only a few years old and I have heard of alot of other new programs in the last 2 years. I am sure that most of them would not have been approved by their schools if the cost was higher due to hydration testing.
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