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Wed Jan 21 2009, 09:04PM
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Siamese Mike wrote ...

Offseason wrestling Period.

i'd say joining a quality club is key. Go to that off season club as much as you can, and compete out of state as much as you can. The club you go to should make all wrestlers drill moves. Having open mats for 2hours 3 times a week doesn't constitute a good club... A few i can think of would be Wadsworth, Doughboy, Kryptonite .

some other good camps in the springfield area are the new england all stars and the springfield college wrestling camp
Wed Jan 21 2009, 09:24PM
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but Sometimes you can't do the club thing wether it be to far away, affordability, just can't get there(most high schoolers don't have a licenes), but if you can, definetly do it. I know I wish i knew more about clubs and stuff when i was a freshman and older.

when I was a junior i definetly noticed a difference when i changed partners from the 71 to the 215 who was a lot more aggressive and even though i knew what he did and vice versa we practiced with boiling blood when we went live and I would do stuff that he couldn't counter and he would get angry till he got it and then i had to change my game up and we did that till we both went to states.

1 knowledge (Always learning even after a match think of new things you could do)

2 controling emotions (If your good and you lose don't go flipping out or don't get down on yourself)

3 conditioning (Out lasting is what gives a champ that edge)

Just a side question, is there any website or something that has a list of upcoming tournies for older guys (out of high school) in this area (MA, NH, CT, RI) other than clubs.
Thu Mar 19 2009, 11:18AM
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This season as previous we stressed "conditioning" What kept us motivated was the thought that someone else is working just as hard if not harder. We always pushed ourselves. As a coach rarely did a practice pass without me wrestling a few matches. I think it helps the kids see their coach rolling around wrestling, knowing that hey hes not just telling us to do things hes doing it to. Conditioning wins matches. Running in the rain and snow in high school i would think, No one else is running in this weather. Hard work and someone pushing you, correctly, makes one a better wrestler. So does drilling and lifting and knowledge and everything under the sun. Every movement i made in hs and college i thought it could help me in wrestling from walking to the way i gripped a door knob.
Mon Mar 23 2009, 01:23PM
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20 pushups is not a functional gauge of how good u are on the mat. do you think the new england 215 or heavyweight champ can do 20 pullups. i think not
Sun Jan 17 2010, 02:17PM
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Joined: Sun Jan 17 2010, 01:44PM
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Wrestling is much more mental than any other sport. There will be times where your confidence is shot, you feel weak, you want to give up, and you just want to quit, but pushing yourself to this state of mind and then lifting yourself back up is a way that will make you, at the bare minimum, a tough, good wrestler
Mon Feb 01 2010, 10:28PM
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The somewhat depressing thing about this thread is that it seems filled with accurate incite. Linked to #1 is that you have to love wrestling enough to commit to it wholely and singularly if you want to be a champ. Wrestling was a favorite of my kids, but there was also other sports in other seasons and school work to deflect their focus. My boys were always trying to catch up to the best of the best wrestlers...and, of course, they never did. Neither will my youngest. Still, they all think that this was a great sport. So dad, support your kid if he has a Rollie and Mike type passion for the sport, and follow the advice already given. But support him too, if he justs wants to get pretty good. If he does only 6 pull-ups and watches only 3 videos, and goes to only 1 tournament out of season, wrestling can still be a blast -- for kids and dads alike. One last piece--it helps to have an older brother who liked it enough to work with the younger sib. So if you have a child that does like it, go to work on having another gets even better the second time around.
Mike Atlas
Tue Feb 02 2010, 10:38AM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
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Definitely nothing wrong with multiple-sports athletes!
Tue Mar 30 2010, 06:59AM
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Joined: Tue Mar 30 2010, 06:46AM
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#10 is really important. You must not be focused on who your opponent is, just on doing your best while you face them. I made that mistake this season. When we went to the Oliver Ames tournament this year, our first event of the season, I started against a freshman. I remember I got really cocky, asking myself whether I should tech him or make him tap out. Turns out, I was so cocky on the mat that, although I was clearly much better than him, I gave up two points, one for locked hands and one for falsely starting, then I lost the match 8-9. That messed me up bad.

But most of all, you have to work hard, and don't let anyone else tell you you can't do it. That doesn't necesarily mean spending all this money on camps and clinics. Take an hour out of each day to go lift in the gym. If you have a friend who wrestles, go in the backyard and practice moves with him. Even if you know someone who's never wrestled before, but wants to start next winter, start teaching him, because you also learn and get better yourself when you teach. A true champion will work hard and perservere no matter the circumstances.
Peter Ott
Tue Mar 30 2010, 08:58AM
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Two more:
Wrestle freestyle in the summer.
Never, ever, ever cut weight as a youth! You don't realize it now, but it doesn't matter, and cutting weight as a kid is the quickest path to burnout. Focus instead on getting stronger.
Tue Mar 30 2010, 09:15AM
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Also in regards to what Mr. Ott said, if you havent noticed and participated in wrestling until your in highschool you really need to make the best out of those four years and bust your ass to get in the best possible shape and pay as close attention as possible to new techniques.
there are some rare cases and acceptions. but if your dedicated towards being the best then i dont think 3 months is going to cut it.

heres my list of things to do
-join a club or 2 in the off season (doughboy,brickhouse,wadsworth,the barn..etc..)
-go to a few camps
( J robinson camp, Iowa wrestling camp, jeff jordan camp ... etc.. )
- look for a few clinics in your area
- run and lift 4 to 5 times a week each
mix up your cardio and lifting routines so ur always giving your body a new workout and so that it never gets used to the same stuff and platues ( p90x )
- look for your own ways to get better (,youtube)
just by looking at these websites and researching new techniques, maybe by typing in your favorite upperclass wrestlers and seeing what they have for techniques
- get to a pool for a workout one or twice a week
- find a couple tournaments every month to get refereed matches in so when the regular season comes your used to the enviroment while your opponent is not prepared for it.
- maybe purchase a few instructional videos from top clinicians
Sun Oct 17 2010, 01:41PM
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Thinking about purchasing this year to help with my youth program is anyone currently using if so what do you think?
Chicken Wing Coach
Tue Mar 22 2011, 09:58PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
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Off-Season work has big pay-offs for Alabama senior.
"He stressed the importance of the Off-Season."
"No one else [from my team] would do it except me. They wanted evidence of what training in the Off-Season can do," said Byrd.
"[Byrd's] the first to reap the benefits of wrestling Year Round."
"He's a true example of the slogan "Summer Wrestlers Make Winter Champions."

*Here's the entire article via "" - USA Wrestling: [link]
Chicken Wing Coach
Mon May 02 2011, 08:26PM

Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 05:15PM
Posts: 3889
Wrestling: Offseason tournaments help athletes improve for regular season. (Freestyle & Greco-Roman): [link]
Salto james
Tue Aug 09 2011, 09:23AM
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I like #6, but also getting a dummy is a good idea.
Thu Feb 16 2012, 08:32PM
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Excellent Information.

Commitment isn't everything, it is the only thing. It is no mistake that the IVY Type Schools have successful wreslting programs.

Don't over do it so you over train.

Good healthy food is the diet we are talking about. Fuel your body for performance. Fat and greasy food is not good.

teach your body to use muscle sugars for energy while fatigued

Pull ups are great(difficult for new wrestlers) so focus on Push Ups and Australian Pull ups. The traditional pull up prepares us for strength while we are flat on the mat and the PU and APU will keep us in a good wrestling position.

Know your opponent and execute through your preparation

Believe the cliche', practice doesn't make perfect - Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.
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