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MIAA news for 2007-2008 season 
Mike Atlas
Fri May 11 2007, 05:02PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Information provided courtesy of Manny Costa, of Saint John's Prep

Hydration testing and the dual meet state tournament were major concerns at the last coaches meeting. A questionnaire was put together and all coaches were asked to respond.

With the information gathered from those that did answer, two ways to handle the tournament were answered. Some stated to end the tournament all together (no need to mention who voted where) and the majority that answered wanted to see individual tournaments return to point tournaments, so they checked off having top 4 from sectional tournament qualify for dual tournament.

With this information gathered, Manny Costa sat down with Bill Wassel and explained the situation. Several others have also spoken to him on the matter and reviewed materials.

The following proposal was taken to the MIAA management committee and voted on Thursday May 10 and accepted for a two year periods beginning next season, 2007/2008.

The 2007-2008 post season will be wrestled the following way:

Individual tournaments:

1. Sectionals: One Day (except for D3 West), Saturday February 9, 2008. Top 4 move on to the individual state tournament. Would now become a team point tournament and sectional champions would be crowned during the final four on Tuesday.

2. Divisional state tournaments: Fri/Sat. February 15/16, 2008. Top 6 move on to AS
3. AS: 2 days, Fri/Sat. February 22/23, 2008. Top 6 move on to NE's.
4. NE's: Fri/Sat. February 29 and March 1, 2008

The qualification for dual meet state tournament will now be changed. Because the entire roster of 14 weight classes compete at sectionals, team points would be kept throughout each of the sections and the top 4 teams that accumulate the most points would now qualify for the team championships. No longer will present method of .500 or better be the qualifying standard. This would put more meaning and intensity to the team aspect of the sectionals which has been lacking the last two seasons.

The divisionals would remain the same as the last two seasons, a qualifier for the AS tournament. The team state title would remain decided through the dual meet tournament.

RD1: Would be the top 4 from sectional tournament. The top seed would host the other three schools on Tuesday February 12, 2008. There would be two semi-finals match-ups (! vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3), they would take place simultaneously at 6:00. Then at 8:00 the final match would take place between the two semi-finals winners. This would allow the sectional tournament portion to be wrestled in one day. From here there would be 12 teams still competing, 4 from each division.

RD2: State semi-finals: 6 different host sites. The 4 teams from each division would be power seeded like 2007, the top 2 seeds would be host of the semi-final match-ups. Again the pairings would be 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3. This wrestling date would be Tuesday February 19, 2008 (vacation week). Seeding would be done by the state and divisional directors, divisional VP's and president of coaches association, as well as Bill McGuirk and Bill Wassel.

RD3: State finals: Collegiate site on Tuesday February 26th. Proposed time table would be: 4:30/6:00/7:45.

This would complete the entire team tournament prior to NE's and then the season would end the second day of NE tournament.

Hydration testing-

The committee again discussed the testing and cost that goes along with the test. Many concerns of coaches were discussed and the committee voted to table the testing for another season, so it could be reviewed longer and hopefully when implemented all would be in working order.

So NO hydration testing for 2007/2008 season. This was approved by MIAA.

Special thanks goes out to Bill McGuirk and Bill Wassel on these two above matters. Both spoke and listened to the masses on these subjects. There were coaches in favor of hydration testing being implemented, but there were also many concerns at this time. Both Bill's and Manny's concern was that it was not the proper time to implement such a program. Many on this board voiced their opinions on the 2 above subjects and the majority felt the hydration testing should not be implemented and most on board wanted changes to dual tournament.

Both Bill's should be thanked for listening and following through with their presentations to MIAA. Hopefully, coaches will appreciate the return to sectional scoring. This is a major step forward.

Jim Maher
Mon May 14 2007, 10:44AM

Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:09PM
Posts: 4726
What would happen if you had an undefeated team not place in the top 4 at the Sectionals. Highly unlikely, but it happpened in FB years ago.
Mon Jun 04 2007, 06:13AM
Registered Member #5645
Joined: Tue Feb 20 2007, 06:58PM
Posts: 403
then you dont make the tourney i think its awesome that they are bringing back the team points system hopefully this will cut the temper tantrums that are all too common nowadays
Mon Jun 04 2007, 06:34AM
Registered Member #47
Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 11:00PM
Posts: 389

That's impossible, just ask two of the coaches out here in WMass D1 and D3, check the masslive site.......hope you read the sarcasm there. You and I are on an island with this point.

I think that getting the sectional stuff out of the way in one day is the way to go. And I also agree with FHS about the temper tantrums and whining at sectionals....seems it has increased without the team scoring.
Mon Jun 04 2007, 06:48AM
Registered Member #303
Joined: Fri Apr 09 2004, 08:24PM
Posts: 494
I never said that an undefeated team wouldn't qualify for the Team Tournament through sectionals, so please do not put words "in my mouth." All is said was that the 11-12 team sectional tournaments were great measures of team strength and that the top dual teams (certainly #1 and #2) would qualify for the Team Tourney based on sectional scores.

This will be better for the kids because we will probably have more accurate seeds, fairer host sites, less travelling, etc.

If an undefeated team doesn't place top four in their section, then they probably have a weak schedule and really aren't very good. This is the type of team that would receive a #1 seed that they probably did not deserve under the old system.
Mon Jun 04 2007, 10:26AM
Registered Member #278
Joined: Mon Jan 16 2006, 10:06AM
Posts: 1165
Who is whining about what? I like the way it was done before as far as qualifying. The seeding needs to be changed and yes it needs to be done in one day. Definitely scoring for the individual sectional tournament makes it more exciting. In the grand scheme of things 5 million chinese people could care less what happens in these tourneys. If someone is whining then they must have unfulfilled lives. To be honest I am more concerned about the $160,000 college bill that I have for my twins........and then where the next $100,000 going to come from for my younger daughter. Yeh and also where I will be able to save enough money to go to St. Louis to get some therapy for after next wrestling season.
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