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MIAA Wrestling Committee Meeting - Minutes 
Mike Atlas
Tue Sep 26 2006, 11:16PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
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An important Message from Manny Costa:

As most of you are aware the Wrestling Committee met yesterday (Monday September 25, 2006) at the MIAA to discuss numerous items, mostly dual states and hydration testing, 2 major issues.

First Bill Wassel has listened to the masses and made the following changes to the All-State tournament:

1. All 6 divisional place winners will qualify for the tournament, bringing the number to 18 instead of 16. So obviously there will be 2 pigtail type matches in each weight class.
2. The weights will be wrestled in order of weight class, 103 through heavyweight. That is a change from the previous years of assigning weight classes to mats.

Remember: weigh-in time is not opened ended. If the weigh-in time is stated for example 10 AM, then all teams are to be in the building prior to 10 and ready to step on the scale. Once the last wrestler in the building has stepped on the scale the scales are officially closed. This happened this season at AS and a couple of wrestlers were affected. This is a national rule that is and will be followed. Also a wrestler is able to step on original scale, if misses weight, is allowed to step back on same scale, and the other scale in the room, that is it. If the wrestler does not make weight, he is officially out of the tournament, he is not allowed to stay in the room and weigh-in again after all weights are completed.

Reminder for post season tournaments:

All paperwork is to be in hand at start of meeting. Coach needs to have all record information of each wrestler, both dual and tournament. We should not be guessing at meetings. There are numerous coaches who don't write this information down and expect others to have their wrestlers results, this is unacceptable.

In spring I sent out proposals worked on by Bill Wassel and myself on the dual meet tournament. We listened to coaches complaints on the subject. It is not easy to fit this tournament into our season. Unfortunately other than allowing all teams into the tournament and starting it in January possibly by section (how it would be seeded, etc. unknown)it has to be done in the post season. There are states that run the dual meet portion on the
same weekend as the individuals, so that is even tougher on the wrestlers than the system we have in place.

MIAA has adopted the tournament for 2 years, and then it would be reviewed after the 2 years, to see if changes were to be made. They allowed us to review the system and possibly make changes for the current season if possible.

In all 3 proposals it meant clearing the final regular season weekend of competition for the preliminary portion of the sectional dual tournament. Up and through the semi-finals would have been contested on 2/3 of 2007. The problem with this is that teams would lose a Saturday and Tuesday date of the regular season. For those qualifying at least they would be guaranteed at least one match on Saturday, but those not in the tournament would lose out on the final week of preparation. A waiver would have been needed to allow those not qualifying to seek additional matches.

As you all know it is difficult to find matches prior to the season, let alone try to seek matches with those who do not qualify for the post season. This would be a nightmare for numerous reasons: referees, buses, who to wrestle, where, gym space, etc. Bill McGuirk also felt it would be very difficult to seek this waiver from MIAA. No other sport is allowed to have competition once team tournament begins.

As you see I stated team tournament. Tennis does begin their individual tournament in May and continue with team matches until team tournament begins. It was brought up to switch the individual sectional tournament to 2/3 and then begin the dual tournament on 2/10. This would allow those to continue practice of the 2/7 meet. I argued that this should not be thought about until coaches were allowed to digest this. I felt that same and numerous other problems would arise with this practice. First, those who don't qualify would still have a week off between matches, so that would not go away. I felt that kids focus is on individual accomplishments and that they want to compete week to week, so keep in order. Weight for those not qualifying could become an issue, those teams not qualifying for dual and only having a couple of wrestlers in individuals, would not have traditional place to train with other teams. As you can see, there would be! Too numerous problems to change the individuals prior to dual sectionals.

We have to remember wrestling isn't only for the elite wrestlers and elite teams. Cutting the season short by a full week is disappointing to the wrestlers, who we are supposed to be here for. Most don't place in post season, and only a few will garner state medals, so for this reason, all teams should be looked at equally, not just the elite. Some have argued that due to teams wrestling so much at end, the better teams are effected, and cuts down their chances of winning the state title. Possibly allowing the wrong team to be state champion. Not that I disagree, but Wayland won both last year. Injuries play a factor throughout the season, so unfortunately it can happen at the end. Kids cutting too much weight also becomes an issue with burn out. I'm sure the 3 teams that won the titles last year feel fortunate that they were able to battle through adversity to become champions, and maybe some who we felt should have won didn't, but isn't that why we actually compete and not just hand out the hardware prior to the competition?

So although placing additional meets into the post season and requiring some teams to wrestle extra, without a waiver, there is no better solution at this time for changing the current system. Coaches need to write down how they would change the tournament, and then possibly a resolution can be met to make the tournament better. We can't have our cake and eat it to. In
order to have both tournaments, unfortunately the kids need to wrestle more and those matches unfortunately happen during the big stage. The only solution would be to drop the tournament.

The MIAA does not want to wrestle the sectional tournament on one day. They want to showcase the final 2 teams in each section, then state semi's and state finals. We have all wanted our sport to be taken seriously, so we need to sit down and work on possible solutions, not just mock the system and walk away. It is not easy, but we have to work together if we want our sport taken seriously.

So 2006/2007 dual meet tournament format will be same as 2005/2006 system. Round one beginning after sectional tournament.

Hydration testing:

This has been the biggest issue during the off season. A sub committee has met numerous times to write guidelines to be met by all teams in the state. This is a national federation rule that all states are to comply for the 2006/2007 season. I understand there are coaches out there who don't feel big brother should look over us, unfortunately big brother looks over us with all the other rules as well. If we didn't have a rule book it would be chaos. Some rules we like and some rules we don't, but we can't pick and
choose which ones we want to follow and then violate the rest. This is a national rule and we have worked on ways to make it easiest on coaches and wrestlers.

With this in mind, I understand there are teams who have purchased refractometers and TANITA scales to comply. In order for the state to set up test sites, it would have a cost of approx. $35,000, this is a large sum of money needed up front. This would need to be budgeted. At this time the MIAA does not have this as a line item, so the committee needs to address the issue with the MIAA directors.

At yesterday's meeting, many concerns were brought up, mostly about coaches and AD's not fully understanding the complex issues to the hydration testing. There are numerous workshops set up throughout the state, John Passarini is running these educational workshops to cover what is the test?

What is needed? nutrition? and answer questions. He is not there though to listen to gripes, that is my job. So if you have complaints or comments send them to me not him. He is attempting to help.

Anyway, the committee decided to request the MIAA directors to waive the mandatory national rule for one season, to begin 2007/2008, so that coaches can be educated as well as AD's, and to finish ironing out any issues that have arisen.

The hydration testing is going to happen eventually. The directors will be given the information and rule on the waiver. If it is granted the hydration testing will be put off for one more season, but it will
eventually happen.

Hopefully we will have an answer on the matter within the next couple of weeks. I know that the season is fast approaching, and we need to schedule for the dates and also budget the bus and test monies.

I hope that this helps. I know some will be upset that the dual tournament will be same as last year, but to change just for sake of changing isn't the way to go. I feel and the committee felt that the changes would only create additional changes.

Jim Maher would you please send this out to the masses, and sectional reps. Would you please make sure that all coaches within your section are notified about this letter. If there are any questions please contact me at -email- .

Hopefully this can be posted as well on Masswrestling site by Mike Atlas. I'm sure he is on Jim's e-mail list.

All coaches should set one of the dates aside to attend the workshop. I understand we are out of season and your not getting paid at this moment, but the information is vital and we all need to fully understand the system. If you don't have the information you will continue to be out in the dark. Get to the meetings for your and your wrestlers best interests.


Manny Costa
Wed Sep 27 2006, 11:51AM
Registered Member #1948
Joined: Sun Mar 20 2005, 08:29PM
Posts: 56
So, will there be a 60% rule under the new weight certification procedures?

In fact, when will we find out if there are new procedures?
Wed Sep 27 2006, 12:04PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 643
If the waiver is granted, this season will be the same as last season. One more year as is, and changes will come in 07/08 season.

Coaches and AD's are still gathering information on the subject, and state would like the best possible system in place for both dual tournament and hydration testing. Season is fast approaching and it was felt people are not ready at present time to make things work properly and efficiently.

The education workshops are still going to happen, and all coaches, AD's, are still asked to seek and attend these meetings. Lots of your questions and concerns will be answered.

Wed Sep 27 2006, 01:17PM
Registered Member #2810
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2005, 07:16PM
Posts: 57
what about all that stuff about weighing in at weightclass above your regular weight and then having to wait x-amount of weeks before making your original weight again
Wed Sep 27 2006, 02:51PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 643
Guys wait to see if the waiver is granted. If it is every thing will be the same as last year. There would be no changes this year. Hopefully we'll have an answer in a couple of weeks, but I would be surprised if it wasn't granted.
Wed Sep 27 2006, 03:05PM
Registered Member #4334
Joined: Sun Sep 24 2006, 01:47PM
Posts: 49
sjp wrote ...

Guys wait to see if the waiver is granted. If it is every thing will be the same as last year. There would be no changes this year. Hopefully we'll have an answer in a couple of weeks, but I would be surprised if it wasn't granted.

Yah but the whole thing about the top 6 in every division will qualify for all states will stay the same right? Sorry if so since you confused me by saying its that same as last year.
Sun Oct 01 2006, 08:55PM
Registered Member #1421
Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 643
Top 6 at All-States is new for 07/08 as well as 103-HVY at AS. those changes are staying.

Placing a weight on each mat was easier for spectators, but was difficult on coaches and wrestlers. Allowed for potential of several wrestlers from a team on the mat at once. Tournament too important to not be coached properly.
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