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2007 Stance In Motion - Funding for startup teams available! 
Aaron Polansky
Sun Sep 17 2006, 07:06PM
Registered Member #206
Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:03PM
Posts: 659
Massachusetts USA Wrestling has been working diligently to create a strong financial base to support the development of amateur wrestling in the state of Massachusetts. Through the implementation of our IRONMAN Tournament Series, our Coaches Education Programs, our Spring and Summer Tournament schedule and several other wrestling based initiatives, we are able to financially support the implementation of a full wrestling program on an annual basis. The 2006-2007 USA Wrestling season will mark the second year of our Stance in Motion Program where at least one organization will receive over $10,000 in scholarship money/supplies to support the implementation or development of a major wrestling program.

The Massachusetts USA Wrestling Board of Directors has taken a strong stance on the importance of wrestling programs in the state of Massachusetts. In an effort to increase opportunities for Massachusetts wrestlers and coaches we are so proud to be offering the Stance in Motion program for the 2nd year in a row. Stance in Motion is being introduced through an application process where interested organizations may apply for a Stance in Motion starter package to help put their new programs in motion. The Stance in Motion package will include the following:

A new wrestling mat

$1000 toward the expense of hosting a USA Wrestling Tournament

Three 1-night clinic by a member of the MA USA Wrestling Elite Training Staff

Stance in Motion recipients will be selected by the MA USA Wrestling Board of Directors through utilization of a thorough screening process. Recipients will be announced once a year on the date of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association State Team Tournament Finals.

As a first step, interested applicants must submit the Intent to Apply form to State Director, Aaron Polansky by October 15th. Intent to apply forms can be secured by contacting Aaron Polansky at -email-.

Once a program has declared intent to apply, a contact person will be notified of dates for all programs required to complete the Stance in Motion application checklist below. The MA USA Wrestling Coaches Education programs can all be completed during a 1-day commitment.

Organizations interested in being considered for a full or partial Stance in Motion package must submit the following:

Intent to Apply form to Aaron Polansky, MA USA Wrestling State Director by October 15th.

Written proposal outlining the vision for your program and why your program should be selected to receive the Stance in Motion scholarship. The proposal should include the number of wrestlers the program will service, the age range the program will service, the costs for those participating in the program, the length of time the program will run, the number of days per week the program will run, the location where the program will run, the coaches responsible for organization and implementation of the program, a letter from the facility agreeing to serve as the host location for your program, the places you will publicize the introduction of your program, a sample flier for advertisement of the program.

Agree to host a tournament sanctioned by MA USA Wrestling (proceeds to benefit MA USA Wrestling).

An individual from your organization must earn certification as an USA Wrestling Official (1-day commitment).

A program coach must complete the USA Wrestling Bronze Certification Course before being considered for the Stance in Motion package (1-day commitment).

Three letters of endorsement from the community supporting your wrestling program.

Letter from your high school Athletic Director supporting implementation of a youth wrestling program.

Entire coaching staff must complete the MA USA Wrestling Freestyle and Greco-Roman rules certification training (1-day commitment).

Intent to Apply Form



City/State/Zip Code:

Email Address:

Phone number:

Town where program will run:

Local High School:

Age group program will service:

Circle one: NEW PROGRAM or ESTABLISHED (if so, how many years)

Mail completed Stance in Motion intent to apply form by October 15th to:

Aaron L. Polansky, Director
Stance in Motion Scholarship Program
197 Flint Road
Charlton, MA 01507

Stance in Motion Sponsors




If you or your organization are interested in contributing financially or otherwise to the Stance in Motion Program please contact Aaron Polansky at -email-

Mike Atlas
Mon Oct 30 2006, 06:46PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
The 2007 Intent To Apply form can be downloaded here:


It is due by November 1st!
Aaron Polansky
Tue Jan 16 2007, 10:20AM
Registered Member #206
Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:03PM
Posts: 659
The Stance in Motion Scholarship will be awarded to two programs this year. We have sorted through the paperwork and will make a presentation before the finals of the New England Youth Championships at Hudson HS on Sunday, March 4, 2007.

Special thanks to Dollamur mats and Gary MacDowell for stepping to the plate. We will be presenting to two programs this year due in great part to the altruism of Dollamur mats. Please contact me if you are looking to purchase a new mat in the upcoming months, so that I may direct you to Gary MacDowell of Dollamur mats. He will certainly make your inquiry worthwhile.

Thank you.
Tue Mar 06 2007, 04:35PM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
Which two programs were awarded the funding?
Aaron Polansky
Tue Mar 06 2007, 05:02PM
Registered Member #206
Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:03PM
Posts: 659
Congratulations to Algonquin Regional HS and Pathfinder Regional HS.
Tue Mar 06 2007, 06:44PM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
Outstanding. Jason Bryant at Intermat should be writing about this program, the best in our sport. Congrats to all that make it happen.
Tue Mar 06 2007, 07:42PM
Registered Member #1185
Joined: Sat Jan 22 2005, 05:26PM
Posts: 492
both teams got a brand new, sick mat
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