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MIAA: info on post season tournament formats 
Mike Atlas
Tue Jan 31 2006, 11:03AM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
January 31, 2006
Dear MIAA Wrestling Coaches,

I sincerely hope that your season is going well and that you are looking forward to our season ending MIAA-sponsored tournaments.

As I believe you know, last year the MIAA Tournament Management Committee (TMC) approved a new dual-team tournament for our sport starting this year. In the presentation which led to the approval of the Team Tournament, Nick Zacchelli, Chairman of the State Wrestling Committee, Bill
McGuirk, MIAA staff liaison to wrestling and I proposed that the 2006 wrestling tournaments would be two distinct tournaments.

The first would be an individual tournament where all MIAA varsity wrestlers would compete to qualify for the three Divisional State Tournaments , the new 16-man bracket All-State Tournament and eventually the New Englands. The second tournament would be a team tournament where teams would qualify to compete, as they do in other sports, by having a .500 or better dual-meet record. This team tournament would be held at the Sectional level first (12) then to a state semi-final match and eventually to the Divisional (I, II, & III) State championship match.

The State Wrestling Committee was clear and instructed us during our presentation to make sure that the TMC knew that the old method of keeping team scores and crowning Sectional and State team champions would not occur during the Individual Tournaments. In fact, the TMC approved the new format with the stipulation that there would not be two Sectional and/or State champions. Evidently this fact was not accurately conveyed to you by your leadership team and I am writing to make sure that everyone understands what the situation is in this regard. Your coaches association was been instructed at the recent State Wrestling Committee meeting not to purchase
or award team trophies at the Individual Tournaments because it could put the new Team Tournament in jeopardy. These MIAA team awards will be presented during the Team Tournament to all Sectional Team Champions and Sectional Runner-ups as well as the three Divisional State Team Champions and Runner-ups.

I hope that this communication helps you better understand this matter.

Good luck at both the Individual and the Team Tournaments.

Bill Wassel, State Director

PS.-For your information, the Sectional phase of the Team Tournament will
take place at the school of the higher seeded team on the following dates:

First round- February 14 or 15 (Match ups will be announced on February 12th)
Semi-finals- February 21 or 22
Finals- February 28 or March 1

State Semi-finals- March 8th at
Division I-Acton-Boxboro
Division II-Marlboro and
Division III-Hopkinton

State Finals-March 11th at Hudson High School

(Wrestlers will be allowed an additional pound per weight class for all matches in March)
Tue Jan 31 2006, 11:27AM
Registered Member #72
Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 09:36AM
Posts: 882
Mike, this seems to imply that the overall dual meet record applies and not, as Jim Maher had posted, the division if a Div 3 team had an under .500 record overall but in their Division(3) had a record over .500 they could qualify...???
Mike Atlas
Tue Jan 31 2006, 12:27PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
I don't really know the details to be honest. Perhaps Jim Maher can clarify, otherwise all questions can be directed to -email-

Also, here is more information he has sent me about the individual tournaments:

MIAA Wrestling -Individual Tournaments-2006

Formats to be followed:

Sectionals (at all 12 sites)

Because team points will not be kept by the clerk, those wrestlers seeded
the highest will draw byes in the 16-man brackets in order of their seed.
They have earned their byes!!

For example, if the 125lbs. weight class has 11 wrestlers entered,
wrestlers seeded 1 through 5 will draw byes in the first round and there
will be three matches in the first round:
9 vs 8, 10 vs 7 and 11 vs 6

Divisional State Tournaments at Newton South, Salem and Foxboro

Sectional champions will be seeded A1, B1, C1 and D1. All other wrestlers
will fall into their respective slots in the 16-man bracket. A2, A3, A4,
B2, B3, B4 etc. Only 5th place finishers at the Sectionals will serve as
alternates with the first alternate being A5, the second B5 etc.
The order of each weight class will be:

Upper Bracket Lower Bracket
A1 C1
D4 B4
C2 D2
B3 A3
B2 A2
C3 D3
A4 C4
D1 B1


All-States at North Andover

Divisional State champions will be seeded A1, B1 and C1. The top 5
wrestlers from each Division will qualify and be placed in their respective

The 16th wrestler in each weight class be filled by the 6th place finisher
in the following method;
Division I- 103, 125, 140, 160 and 215
Division II- 112, 130, 145, 171 and 275
Division III- 119, 135, 152, and 189
Other 6th place finisher will be the All-State alternates in order of the
seeded wrestlers (A6 first, B6 second and C6 third)

The brackets for the All-States will follow this format:

If the 16th wrestler by weight class is A6 B6 C6

A1 A1 A1
C5 B6 C6
C3 C3 C3
Upper Bracket B3 B3 B3
C2 C2 C2
A4 A4 A4
A5 C4 A5
B2 B2 B2
C1 C1 C1
B5 B5 B5
B4 B4 B4
Lower Bracket A2 A2 A2
A3 A3 A3
C4 C4 C4

A6 A5 A5
B1 B1 B1

Tue Jan 31 2006, 12:53PM
Registered Member #278
Joined: Mon Jan 16 2006, 10:06AM
Posts: 1152
We were told that overall .500 record, 1st or 2nd in the league qualifies you. Other than that I think it is set.
Jim Maher
Tue Jan 31 2006, 01:34PM

Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:09PM
Posts: 4726
not 100% correct.

I'll use Dedham as my example.

Dedham is the only Div 3 team in the Bay State League, so if we 0-11 in the BSL, but .500 against other non-league Div 3 teams, we would qualify for the MIAA Tournament.

There are a number of MIAA exceptions, that need to be looked up on the site.
Tue Jan 31 2006, 08:33PM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
The division record only applies if over 70% of your league is in a higher division, so for the vast majority of teams it should go strictly by dual meet record, without consideration of division, if I read the rules correctly. As a matter of fact, Dedham and Catholic Memorial are two of the only teams I can think of that the 70% rule applies to. It does not apply in the Middlesex, MVC, Hock, Dual County, or GBL leagues.
Tue Jan 31 2006, 08:46PM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
Actually, does it apply to Canton and Foxboro in the Hock, now that mansfield is DII?
Jim Maher
Tue Jan 31 2006, 09:59PM

Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:09PM
Posts: 4726
I believe one of the exceptions is losses to Big 3 teams, but it needs to be verified.
[ Edited Tue Jan 31 2006, 11:04PM ]
Mon Feb 06 2006, 12:13PM
Registered Member #3610
Joined: Thu Feb 02 2006, 01:22PM
Posts: 5
MIAA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
NO TEAM SCORE . SINCE WHEN ????? I thought the coaches association would keep team score and award a team champion. When did we change this and is this better for the sport or does the miaa ever take that in consideration
Mike Atlas
Mon Feb 06 2006, 02:17PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Are you actually from the MIAA, user "miaa". I'd appreciate it if you are not representing them to not have a misleading username on the forums.
Mon Feb 06 2006, 03:47PM
Registered Member #3610
Joined: Thu Feb 02 2006, 01:22PM
Posts: 5
I'am not from The MIAA I'am sick of the MIAA and want my voice heard do you want me to change my name.????????
Mike Atlas
Mon Feb 06 2006, 09:14PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
miaa wrote ...
I'am not from The MIAA I'am sick of the MIAA and want my voice heard do you want me to change my name.????????

Perhaps. I think people will be misled into thinking you are an MIAA representitive. Send me an email and I will change your username for you to whatever you want.
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