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Rankings and Predictions are overrated 
Greg Sinclair
Tue Jan 10 2006, 10:07AM
Registered Member #1102
Joined: Fri Jan 14 2005, 10:00AM
Posts: 43
What happened to the days when you use to work your ass off and train hard to wrestle. These days kids are more worried about where they are ranked or what they are predicted to do. There are so many threads about what everyone thinks is gonna happen in February and March or who they think is gonna win. Really all that matters at the end of the day is who's hand is raised and who the winner is. People should stop worrying where they are ranked and go out there and wrestle.
Joey Drabowski
Tue Jan 10 2006, 11:35AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 16 2005, 08:53AM
Posts: 193
The only problem I have is when people just copy and paste jason's rankings. Just because one man has his predictions doesn't mean they are set in stone. People still need to post there predictions so that there is something new to debate and discuss.
Tue Jan 10 2006, 01:13PM
Registered Member #400
Joined: Sun May 23 2004, 10:46PM
Posts: 185
gsinc, its not so much that kids are concerned about what they are "predicted" to do, but moreso they want to have some pride in what theyve accomplished in the season and have that be recognized.

Think about it, if there are rankings, and you are ranked below a kid you have cleary beaten, wouldnt you be upset?

These rankings are to give us something to discuss during the season and have those who are doing well be recognized.

It is also a good tool for coaches and wrestlers to see what they have ahead of them and give them a goal. Like theyll look at somebody in the top 10 and make a goal to beat them.

If we shouldnt be concerned with the Regular Season, then whats the point? We should just go right into the Post-season then? I think not
Tue Jan 10 2006, 01:34PM
Registered Member #581
Joined: Sat Sep 18 2004, 10:24PM
Posts: 694
I agree, Matrat. And, in theory, Wouldn't it make sense that working one's `ass off and training hard to wrestle' (ostensibly better) in order to make the rankings or move higher on the rankings scale be in everyone's best interest?

I think we all realize that making the rankings isn't the `be all and end all.' What happens on the mat is the most important thing.
Mike Atlas
Tue Jan 10 2006, 01:53PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
The problem is that most high school wrestlers lack the mental strength to handle rankings properly, I think. They let the rankings psyche themselves out.

Imagine the thought process of some no-name varsity wrestler from Anytown, MA. His town has a meet versus Anycity, MA. His weight class comes last and the meet comes down to his match. He knows that his opponent is ranked #8 for his weight class on No-name wrestler thinks to himself, "Oh %$#@, the #8 ranked wrestler, how the #@#@ am I gonna win this one???" Next thing they know, they've let anxiety take over their confidence in their hard work and training, and before they know it, the match is over and they've lost the meet for the team.

Yes, the rankings can definitely pysch out kids who let rankings get to their heads - be it over or underconfidence.

Those who are mentally able to overcome the lack of importance of the meaning of the rankings are those who are able to upset the #1 ranked kids by pinning them.

The rest just resign to mediocrity, something far too many of us do everyday in more situations than just the wrestling mat.
Greg Sinclair
Tue Jan 10 2006, 02:29PM
Registered Member #1102
Joined: Fri Jan 14 2005, 10:00AM
Posts: 43
Everyone makes a good point. I just never cared or looked at rankings when i wreslted. It takes alot of pressure off and allows you to just wrestle. Plus, the internet wasnt used as much when i was in High School a few years ago.
Tue Jan 10 2006, 02:58PM
Registered Member #1766
Joined: Sun Feb 27 2005, 06:23PM
Posts: 66
Sometimes it good to not be recognized even when you deserve it because you just have to go work that much harder to show you are worthy of the rank you are given. It a lot better to be an underdog than the favorite. If you are the underdog and you win, it is a surprise and if you lose it’s not a shock. If you are the favorite then people put unnecessary expectation on you and at some point some one will come along and beat you
Tue Jan 10 2006, 05:52PM
Registered Member #400
Joined: Sun May 23 2004, 10:46PM
Posts: 185
Wanna know something really interesting that goes along with this perfectly...

I talk with Sean Fendone and he never has any idea of who hes wrestling. He's just like "I'm wrestling the Billerica kid" or something like that.

At the Lowell Holidays, I was standing with him and we were watching Hamel's match and he refered to Hamel by saying "This kid is the number 2 seed".

He had no idea who Hamel even was!

What's good about him is that his dad taught him that it doesnt matter who youre wrestling because you have to get the job done no matter what.

Basically Sean doesnt know anybodys names, he just walks into every match the same.

I dont know if I would have done it this way, but thats the way he looks at it. To him he never knows who the best guys are, he just knows its another guy he has to try and beat.

Tue Jan 10 2006, 05:53PM
Registered Member #987
Joined: Mon Jan 03 2005, 07:05PM
Posts: 50
I think the rankings give most people confidence. When they get up on the rankings they feel like they have accomplished something. If they are in the top ten they feel superior to anyone below them. I think it gives anyone who is ranked confidence. I do agree that anyone who is not ranked will be scared to wrestle a high ranked wrestler, but thats just the way it is.
Mike Atlas
Tue Jan 10 2006, 06:27PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
When I was in high school I pretty much felt the same way about whomever I was wrestling like Sean Fendone does. I stopped looking at brackets completely after my sophmore year. The way I saw it, the match would happen and the only thing I could do was wrestle the way I always wrestled. Didn't matter who it was. You'd be suprised who can catch you off guard when you think about your upcoming opponent too much.

It reminds me of a good quote I'm stealing from Andy LaCroix's instant messenger profile:

Prior to the 1987 NCAA finals at the University of Maryland, Rick Bonomo, going for his third NCAA title, was back in the tunnel at Cole Field House raising fingers on his right hand up and down as if there were something wrong with his hand. A Bloomsburg coach went over to Rick and asked him what was wrong. Rick said, "I'm trying to see which way looks best to raise three fingers in the air after the match is over."
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