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Tue Jan 03 2006, 09:52PM
Registered Member #273
Joined: Sun Apr 04 2004, 04:44PM
Posts: 104
At 275 North Quincy's Phil Kelly pinned Walsh from Stoughton when the two schools wrestled in a dual this season on 12/17. Kelly has also placed at King Philip(3) Marshfield (4) tourneys, he has 4 losses on the year (3) to Parigian -Braintree and (1) to the Carver heavyweight, who he also beat.
Tue Jan 03 2006, 10:55PM
Registered Member #581
Joined: Sat Sep 18 2004, 10:24PM
Posts: 694
That's why (4 losses) Kelly is an HM.
Wed Jan 04 2006, 04:01AM
Guest is Prisk-westford worthy of an HM at 160 and if so who has he beaten?
Wed Jan 04 2006, 09:59AM
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Joined: Tue Nov 09 2004, 06:40PM
Posts: 195
Since when is Capello down at 119?
Mike Atlas
Wed Jan 04 2006, 10:44AM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Been weighing in at it all season and bumping up. The coaches had me do the same thing my junior year
Wed Jan 04 2006, 12:57PM
Registered Member #400
Joined: Sun May 23 2004, 10:46PM
Posts: 185
Once again great work Jason. I don't think people realize how many hours must go into putting this together but we really appreciate it.
Wed Jan 04 2006, 01:32PM
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Joined: Fri Mar 26 2004, 06:52AM
Posts: 54
I'm not really sure about who Prisk has beaten but he got 4th at the Wilmington Tourney, thats all I can remember off my head.
Wed Jan 04 2006, 02:10PM
Registered Member #2964
Joined: Tue Jan 03 2006, 11:58AM
Posts: 12
why would dellert do that all season then be all sucked out for west mass though? Recoulle from South Hadley wrestled him in the semi finals last year and beat him by 10
[ Edited Wed Jan 04 2006, 03:17PM ]
Wed Jan 04 2006, 07:07PM
Registered Member #14
Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 07:45PM
Posts: 12
whyis mike betty from lowell ranked in the 130 he wrestled 135 at lowell and got 3rd

Wed Jan 04 2006, 07:42PM
Registered Member #1072
Joined: Tue Jan 11 2005, 07:01PM
Posts: 118
As I predicted, Pat Walsh (Stoughton) just pinned Matt Sidebottom (Franklin). Walsh was up 7-0, with a takedown and 3 backs in the first, and a reversal in the second, when he pinned him.
Wed Jan 04 2006, 09:41PM
Registered Member #1036
Joined: Sat Jan 08 2005, 10:14PM
Posts: 70
i think that nick fantoni (152) from stoughton should definatly be in honorable mention
he barley lost to the north quincy kid
and he was up on the franklin kid until he got stuck
he is gonna be real good this year, i think he should get some graditude
Joey Drabowski
Wed Jan 04 2006, 09:56PM
Registered Member #1125
Joined: Sun Jan 16 2005, 08:53AM
Posts: 193
Wait wait, since when does ALMOST beating a lowly "ranked" Honorable Mention kid and then getting pinned by another honorable mentioned kid. Is this what the rankings in Mass have come to? When is stoughton going to get it? YOU ARE NOT GOOD!
Wed Jan 04 2006, 10:06PM
Registered Member #1072
Joined: Tue Jan 11 2005, 07:01PM
Posts: 118
FOS215, you need to calm down. I'll give you the fact that we may not be a good team, but you don't need a great team to produce a great wrestler. Are you trying to say that since Stoughton isn't good, Pat Walsh automatically isn't good? He just pinned the #1 heavy in the state. And I can rattle off some other names, like Scott Turecek, Ben Rabinovich, Mike Huron, all from Stoughton. We're not trying to get our team ranked, because we shouldn't be. We're trying to get the wrestlers on our team that DESERVE to be ranked in the rankings.
[ Edited Sun Jan 08 2006, 02:15PM ]
Mike Atlas
Wed Jan 04 2006, 10:26PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
It seems to me like there is so much contention for what to me seems like immeasurable differences in a ranking positions (usually).

I guess it's been so long since I wrestled that I've forgotten how much the rankings really mean to some people!

So, yeah, FOS-man, give the kids from Stoughton a break. If Jason decides the information is worth adjusting next week's rankings with- he will. I don't like the idea of people criticizing other people's requests for updates to the rankings.
Wed Jan 04 2006, 11:16PM
Registered Member #2756
Joined: Wed Dec 14 2005, 07:50AM
Posts: 9
hey wortzman howd u do 2nite pal
Thu Jan 05 2006, 12:12AM
Registered Member #400
Joined: Sun May 23 2004, 10:46PM
Posts: 185
Walsh is a good wrestler but I don't see him beating Reagan from Central or perhaps even Perry. Sidebottom never impressed me too much although I hear he did well at Bay States.
Thu Jan 05 2006, 10:02AM
Registered Member #273
Joined: Sun Apr 04 2004, 04:44PM
Posts: 104
Alright so Kelly from North Qunicy is in Honarable mention becasue he has 4 losses, 3 of which are to a highly ranked opponent and he is not in the top ten because of his 4 losses? Kelly's record is probably something like 14-4 copmared to Walsh who is 3-2 and Kelly pinned him in the dual. So according to nafddur Kelly with his four losses should be in HM while Walsh should be in the top 6 with his 3or 4 wins and getting pinned by Kelly, ok I see now thanks for the clarification.
Thu Jan 05 2006, 05:03PM
Registered Member #2847
Joined: Wed Dec 21 2005, 05:24PM
Posts: 2
At 160, i feel Goodrich is ranked a little high just for his performance at the Lowell Holiday. I think that that is a great feat for him to accomplish, however he was tech-falled by Gustin (Wilmington) in the HW vs Wilm. Dual meet. He may be good, but I'm not sure 8th in the state is accurate.
Thu Jan 05 2006, 05:16PM
Registered Member #2934
Joined: Sun Jan 01 2006, 09:03AM
Posts: 46
Prisk lost to the 160 pounder from Weston, a week ago. He was down 8-2 in the 3rd period, then got pinned. I think the Weston senior captain (don't know his name) at 160 is pretty good.
The Birdman
Thu Jan 05 2006, 05:24PM
Registered Member #19
Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 08:01PM
Posts: 276
no, the weston 160 Henrey Lieber is not very good, looks big but I beat him 15-0 hes not very good
Thu Jan 05 2006, 05:54PM
Registered Member #1163
Joined: Wed Jan 19 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 45
Does anyone know Andy Regan's (275) record this year?
Thu Jan 05 2006, 06:35PM
Registered Member #13
Joined: Wed Mar 24 2004, 07:42PM
Posts: 167
just to let you know you have Dinis Paiva ranked at 130 but he most likely wont be wrestling 130 again this season it was just to much weight you will see him movin back and forth from 135 and 140 the rest of the season and will most likely wrestle 140 for the postseason not to sure yet
Thu Jan 05 2006, 08:37PM
Registered Member #2815
Joined: Sun Dec 18 2005, 09:13PM
Posts: 81
lawlor, the polls are one man's opinion. Kelly may have pinned Walsh, but Walsh pinned the #1, so should Kelly then be #1? No, because he has repeatedly lost to #3 and also to an unranked kid. Again, the polls are the opinion of one man, and he thinks that Walsh is better than Kelly. Settle down
Fri Jan 06 2006, 08:27AM
Registered Member #2993
Joined: Thu Jan 05 2006, 01:05PM
Posts: 4
Franklins new 103 Chris Hanson beat Ray Lo from North Quincy and its his 1st year he's 8-5, he shuld be ranked
Fri Jan 06 2006, 09:05AM
Registered Member #273
Joined: Sun Apr 04 2004, 04:44PM
Posts: 104
Sorry bud Ray Lo didn't lose to, or wrestle anyone from Franklin this year. His only loss is to Gumpwright from Pembroke.
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