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Stance in Motion Initiative - Funding for new teams available 
Mike Atlas
Wed Aug 17 2005, 10:03PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122

Stance In Motion Initiative

For the past three years Massachusetts USA Wrestling has been working diligently to create a strong financial base in order to support the development of amateur wrestling in the state of Massachusetts. Through the implementation of our IRONMAN Tournament Series, our Coaches Education Programs, our Spring and Summer Tournament schedule and several other wrestling based initiatives, we have created an opportunity to take on a gigantic undertaking and financially support the implementation of a full wrestling program on an annual basis. The 2005-2006 USA Wrestling season will mark the first year of our Stance in Motion Program where at least one organization will receive close to $10,000 in scholarship money to support the implementation or development of a major wrestling program.

The Massachusetts USA Wrestling Board of Directors has taken a strong stance on the importance of our grass roots programs. In an effort to increase opportunities for Massachusetts youth wrestlers and coaches we are so proud to be introducing the Stance in Motion program. Stance in Motion is being introduced in through an application process where interested organizations may apply for a Stance in Motion starter package to help put their new programs in motion. The Stance in Motion package will include the following:

  • $5000 toward the purchase of a new wrestling mat
  • $1000 toward the expense of hosting a USA Wrestling Tournament
  • Singlets for up to 50 wrestlers
  • Warm-up jackets for 50 wrestlers
  • Head gear for 50 wrestlers
  • Three 1-night clinic by a member of the MA USA Wrestling Elite Training Staff
Stance in Motion recipients will be selected by the MA USA Wrestling Board of Directors through utilization of a thorough screening process. Recipients will be announced once a year on the date of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association State Team Tournament Finals. As a first step, interested applicants must submit the Intent to Apply form to State Director, Aaron Polansky by October 1st. Intent to apply forms can be secured by contacting Aaron Polansky at -email-. Once a program has declared intent to apply, a contact person will be notified of dates for all programs required to complete the Stance in Motion application checklist below. The MA USA Wrestling Coaches Education programs can all be completed during a 1-day commitment. Organizations interested in being considered for a full or partial Stance in Motion package must submit the following:

  • Intent to Apply form to Aaron Polansky, MA USA Wrestling State Director by October 1st.
  • Written proposal outlining the vision for your program and why your program should be selected to receive the Stance in Motion scholarship. The proposal should include the number of wrestlers the program will service, the age range the program will service, the costs for those participating in the program, the length of time the program will run, the number of days per week the program will run, the location where the program will run, the coaches responsible for organization and implementation of the program, a letter from the facility agreeing to serve as the host location for your program, the places you will publicize the introduction of your program, a sample flier for advertisement of the program.
  • Agree to host a tournament sanctioned by MA USA Wrestling (proceeds to benefit MA USA Wrestling).
  • Two individuals from your organization must earn certification as an USA Wrestling Official (1-day commitment).
  • All program coaches must complete the USA Wrestling Bronze Certification Course before being considered for the Stance in Motion package (1-day commitment).
  • Three letters of endorsement from the community supporting your wrestling program.
  • Letter from your high school Athletic Director supporting implementation of a youth wrestling program.
  • Entire coaching staff must complete the MA USA Wrestling Freestyle and Greco-Roman rules certification training (1-day commitment)

    Intent to Apply



    City/State/Zip Code:

    Email Address:

    Phone number:

    Town where program will run:

    Local High School:

    Age group program will service:

    Circle one: NEW PROGRAM or ESTABLISHED (if so, how many years)

    Mail completed Stance in Motion intent to apply form by October 1, 2005 to:

    Aaron L. Polansky, Director
    Stance in Motion Scholarship Program
    197 Flint Road
    Charlton, MA 01507


    If you or your organization are interested in contributing financially or otherwise to the Stance in Motion Program please contact Aaron Polansky at

    Please forward this information to all whom you feel could benefit.

    Your friends at MA USA Wrestling

    Aaron L. Polansky, President - MA USA Wrestling
    Paul Shvartsman, Vice President - MA USA Wrestling
    Roger Peterkin, Treasurer - MA USA Wrestling
    Ed Hanley, Director of Officials - MA USA Wrestling
    Jay Weiss, Director of Athlete and Coach Development - MA USA Wrestling
    Teague Moore, Director of Elite Programming - MA USA Wrestling

    Aaron L. Polansky
    197 Flint Road
    Charlton, MA 01507
    Phone: (508) 248-9056
    Email: -email-

    Director, MA USA Wrestling
    [ Edited ]
Fri Aug 19 2005, 11:24AM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
This is great! I am really impressed with MA USA Wrestling and the guys running it. With the state duals and now this, MA wrestling is unquestionably growing and getting better. A new team every year would be fantastic!!!

Which schools would everyone like to see added? My top six:

1. Andover - A school in the best league in the best wrestling area needs a team!
2. Peabody - Big sports school, wins Globe award every year
3. Attleboro - Another big school in a good wrestling area
4. Danvers - Would make SJP even better
5. Falmouth - Build Cape wrestling
6. Stoneham - Smaller school but would complete Middlesex league

Let's hear some others!
Mike Atlas
Fri Aug 19 2005, 01:12PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
I'd like to see some more city schools get teams.
Fri Aug 19 2005, 11:57PM
Guest What other larger towns lack wrestling teams?
What abour Gloucester, Ipswich, Lynn, Saugus, Everett, somerville, Shrewsbury,Westwood, Norfolk, or Dartmouth? I think these towns and the ones PM7 mentionedhave a greater chance of supportinga team, than inner city ones. For some reason inner city High Schools just dont have wrestling teams, except for Springfield Central and Boston Latin. Why do yall think this is? Does this phenomena of not having wrestling teams affiliated with big cities occur in other states?? Id be intererested in hearing peoples thoughts on this.
Aaron Polansky
Sat Aug 20 2005, 09:31AM
Registered Member #206
Joined: Mon Mar 29 2004, 08:03PM
Posts: 659
Please note that this initiative is open to programs, established or not, at all levels. We are looking to increase the number of programs and quality of program in the Massachusetts wrestling community. Implementing a youth program while seeking the endorsement of the local athletic director is a great way to start. Thank you for your continued support of MA USA Wrestling. Visit our WEB Site at [link].
Sat Aug 20 2005, 01:37PM
Registered Member #94
Joined: Thu Mar 25 2004, 03:38PM
Posts: 57
There's anecdotal evidence to suggest that inner-city high schools generally don't have great programs. When Hammonds and Barrett won Senior Nationals this year (160 and HVY, respectively), there was some talk about how they came from urban schools without great wrestling traditions (Chicago and Baltimore). I'd imagine that with all the problems facing urban schools, many school systems don't put a high priority on establishing strong wrestling programs.
Sat Aug 20 2005, 04:49PM
Registered Member #140
Joined: Fri Mar 26 2004, 01:17PM
Posts: 99
A lot of inner city schools just don't have the facilities for athletics... period. They're lucky if they have a gymnasium. Inner city schools in Boston get support through private organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs with athletics. The schools that do have facilities have programs, and the spaces at these schools are competed for.
Mon Aug 22 2005, 07:32PM
Registered Member #345
Joined: Sat Apr 24 2004, 06:29AM
Posts: 70
Just one dope's opinion:

I would rather see this initiative 'pick the low hanging fruit' first, if you know what I mean. Large suburban towns with big high schools probably have the best chance of establishing solid teams. City athletic programs are usually poor in most sports besides basketball, and its not because the kids are not athletic. City schools just do not have their sh** together, academically or athletically, and that's true all over the country. Granting something like this to a city program could be a big waste.

I'm not a big fan of allowing existing programs to apply for something like this, I'd like to see it focused on new programs. Giving an existing team a new mat and new clothing will do next to nothing to raise the level of MA wrestling. However, adding new teams will undoubtably increase the quality of MA wrestling.

Consider this: Five years from now, five existing teams have been awarded through this program. Even if they have improved the 'quality' of their wrestling, where does that leave the rest of the state? The five teams given awards might have won sectionals or qualified more kids for states, but why focus on helping just five teams? And how do you measure an increase in 'quality'? More NE finalists? Kids winning one extra match at Fargo? Does that really matter in the long run?

Now if five or six new programs exist because of this program, then the whole of MA wrestling is better off because of increased competition, more exposure for the sport, and increased numbers of kids participating in the sport. Granting awards to six new programs would mean an increase of perhaps 200 wrestlers that might not have existed before. Granting awards to five/six existing programs might not provide much of an increase in competitors at all. Plus, an argument could be made that increasing the number of competitors is the best way to increase the quality over the long term.

If every HS in MA had wrestling, then a focus on increasing quality would make more sense. But with such a large gap between schools that have wrestling and those that don't ( I think only 50% of MIAA schools have wrestling teams), a much greater impact would be made by focusing on adding teams. It's not even close.

I hope the MA USA Wrestling guys consider these types of things when they decide who gets these awards. I don't want to sound critical, because I'm extremely pleased that these guys have shown the creativity and ambition to start something like this. Either way, good things are happening. But IMO, new youth/HS programs are the best thing that could happen to MA wrestling.
Tue Aug 23 2005, 12:05PM
Registered Member #2235
Joined: Tue Aug 23 2005, 11:48AM
Posts: 2
I disagree with the comments regarding the idea that inner city programs are not viable candidates for this program. There are in fact examples of successful inner city programs. The Harvey Twisters Club on the south side of Chicago is proabably the best example. It has turned out over 70 IL state champions at various levels. Probably the most famous of their wrestlers is Joe Williams. I think it would be great to see a large wrestling program in Boston. The sport is growing within the public schools like New Mission and Josiah Quincy. Furthermore, if the program is a feeder program, it could provide the opportunity for city kids to get their foot in the door at private schools in and around Boston that have wrestling ie CM, BC High, MC, and Xavarian. If given the opportunity, I believe that kids of Boston would excel in wrestling as they do in other sports in which they have the opportunity to participate.
Sun Aug 28 2005, 12:43AM
Registered Member #1069
Joined: Tue Jan 11 2005, 02:52PM
Posts: 55
I think some places out west should be considered too if they applied for it. It would be nice to see Holyoke, Mohawk, Wachoanah, Comerence, Chicopee, or Chicopee comp get a team out here. These school are usaully fairly competive in other sports. I know Holyoke, Chicopee Comp, and Commerce have all tried to get teams going.
Fri Sep 02 2005, 12:09AM
Registered Member #414
Joined: Thu Jun 03 2004, 07:25PM
Posts: 44
My vote is to make these funds available to the development of inner city teams. I was fortunate enough to have wrestled as a youth in Illinois when the Harvey Twisters of Chicago, which EDU spoke of, were in their prime. They were a force to be reconned with and all inner city kids. Many of them were able to attend private schools due to their youth performances. It would take a dedicated coaching staff, but the pool of potential talent is endless. Maybe it could be done through a YMCA instead of through the schools which may be difficult.
Fri Sep 02 2005, 03:53PM
Guest On a side note my alma mater Boston College may have a club wrestling team soon. Chris Harvery from St. Johns(P)and Kevin Murphy of Lowell are interested in participating along with 25 other BC kids. I have offered my services in helping establish this team as I know how the BC club fund distribution works and could possibly garner additional community support for the team as well. I predict a BC vs Umass wrestling rivalry in the future, edge BC since one can not outsoar an eagle woo!
Fri Sep 02 2005, 05:44PM
Registered Member #158
Joined: Sat Mar 27 2004, 10:50AM
Posts: 55
i bet the birmdan could outsoar an eagle (or atleat thinks he could)
Sat Sep 03 2005, 07:31AM
Registered Member #796
Joined: Fri Dec 10 2004, 12:07PM
Posts: 47
yeah but a minute man could shoot an eagle out of the sky
Mike Atlas
Mon Mar 06 2006, 06:07PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Illinoiswrestler wrote ...
My vote is to make these funds available to the development of inner city teams. I was fortunate enough to have wrestled as a youth in Illinois when the Harvey Twisters of Chicago, which EDU spoke of, were in their prime. They were a force to be reconned with and all inner city kids. Many of them were able to attend private schools due to their youth performances. It would take a dedicated coaching staff, but the pool of potential talent is endless. Maybe it could be done through a YMCA instead of through the schools which may be difficult.

Looks like this is exactly where the funds are going this year
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