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Mike Atlas
Mon Sep 13 2004, 09:30PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
Posts: 6122
Dear Massachusetts Wrestling Community,

I want to thank Mr. Bartosek for the excellent article you wrote for
USA Magazine on 2004-05 Preview, which has been made available by Jim
Maher on to the masses of Mass wrestlers (poor pun)
who do not receive a subscription or an online membership to USA

Now that I am in college, my ties and knowledge of who is doing what
in MA is becoming limited, and I want to invite as many important
people our state has in amateur wrestling to extend their
participation on the website.

I'm leaving an open invitation for administrators / moderators /
contributors to the site effective immediately if one should choose to
opt in. I desire to further strengthen the role the site plays in the
community by bringing the real life community leaders to the site as
website leaders. Aaron Polansky and Jim Maher already visit the site,
and I'm sure many, many coaches and assistant coaches and uncountable
wrestlers visit every day. We've already established a large user base
(500+ registered, ~2000 unique daily visitors / day mid-wrestling
season, ~400 unique / day mid-summer) and having more of the important
names in Massachusetts contributing and active on our website would
increase it's overall quality. In particular we need people with
information they can bring to the community: event information for the
calendar, writers for articles, tournament result submissions and other leaders with other ideas to incorporate into the site.

Please get back to me whenever you are free. If you can either
forward this to other figureheads in state or respond with at least
some email addresses of other names I should be inviting to join the
community, please let me know. Administrators will be given email addresses if they choose to have one.

Thank you,

Mike Atlas Administrator
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